Just because sales in new and used cars seem to be dwindling, does not mean that car technology is lapsing. In fact, in our modern world we want all the extra features on our car. This means that even though people may not be buying as many cars as before, they still want the newest technology out there present in their cars when they do buy one. This is leading to a major boon in the car technology industry and causing many car manufactures out there to create and look for the best and newest technology available. Here we will take a look at some of the more common and fastest rising pieces of technology in our cars.

  • Parking/ backing up sensors. These days many vehicles come equipped with parking sensors. Some have alerts that will let you know when something is directly behind you, and others will have rear mounted cameras that will actually let you see what is behind you. This added option is perfect for monitoring your blind spots as you are reversing.
  • Multiple directional cameras. Cameras are not just for the rear view anymore. The newest vehicles out there can boast cameras that cover every angle of your car. These mounted cameras can give you a full 360 degrees of coverage and will alert you to any person or object that may be near you. Parking has become a whole lot easier in this day and age.
  • GPS tracking/ parental control devices. Many parents may be nervous seeing their young teenagers driving for the first time. That is not such a big problem with today’s expanding technological advances. Many cars come equipped with GPS tracking and other parental control devices such as limiting the speed and radio volume of the car and sounding a continuous alarm if they are not buckled up. With these added features, you may feel a little bit more at ease with your teens driving.
  • Automatic lights and high beam control. Most of the cars being produced today have the option of turning your lights to automatic. Your car will automatically sense when it is dark enough to need lights, your lights will automatically turn on. The newest most sophisticated technology can now control your high beams. This new technology can adjust your high-beams by lowering or increasing the light as cars are approaching or passing you.
  • Driver aptitude controls. While there may not be a system out here yet that can judge when a driver is not fully capable of operating a vehicle and shut the said vehicle down, there are some systems out there that can send alerts if they feel the driver is not competently driving the vehicle. This system can remember the usual behavior of a driver and infer that they may not be operating the vehicle as they normally would . It will judge a driver on their speed, the angel of the steering wheel, use of the brakes and gas and many other factors. It will sound an alarm or alert if it feels as if you are not behaving normally behind the wheel, which can come in handy driving late at night or long hours at a time.
  • Internet compatibility. While true internet capability in cars is still in the future, there are some systems available that will allow you to get on the internet from your car by using cell phone technology. It can turn your car into a mobile hotspot by using a portable router mounted in an inconspicuous area of your car such as the trunk. The router’s 3G network will give you an uninterrupted internet signal no matter your location, which can come in handy when you are in a tunnel or the middle of nowhere.

There is no telling where this new world of auto technology will take us. Only a few years ago automatic windows, power steering, airbags and cruise control was such a big deal. Now we take all of those and many more for granted. One day soon all of these features will become common place, but not to worry many, many other advances will quickly take their place on our list.

Image Courtesy: smartercharger.com