CEOs have reported recently that their digital media reports lack ROI analysis. This is something we hear often from potential clients. It’s because many agencies do not know how to analyze big data from an online capture or how to implement strategies that will increase a brand’s bottom line. Here are a few places to focus online, which can increase your understanding of your customer, using examples from the automotive industry:

1. Emphasize mobile.

Mobile marketing is undoubtedly where consumers are going for their automotive information. Whether they’re reading reviews on dealership websites, asking friends for recommendations of car-related services on social media platforms, or simply searching for car-related services on their phones, it is the present and future. Just because a brand has a dynamite mobile site, however, does not mean that they’re using it to its full advantage. Small things like call tracking can make a huge impact on attributing marketing spend to business dollars earned.

2. Get local covered.

Local search is becoming increasingly more important in the Google search landscape. It often appears before other organic search results do. Therefore, it is massively important that brands are secure here on their brand terms and most competitive keywords.

3. Integrate marketing platforms.

Digital marketing is an integrated strategy–from mobile to social to search. It is important that your business is displayed on every platform with cohesive (e.g. look, voice, language) and fresh content. Once implemented, you can begin analyzing customer behaviors and interaction with your brand online.

Big data does not have to be scary. In fact, data mining on your brand’s sites opens a floodgate of knowledge. Essentially, you are able to drill down and find out what your customer is looking for, and more importantly, whether or not they found it. ROI analysis breaks down your potential customer and helps brands to implement changes on their website and in their media that will drive relevant traffic and convert leads. Don’t settle for a campaign your marketing team deems successful. Foster true accountability for your marketing budget with ROI analysis.