If you have an older car, you might have trouble finding a buyer or even a junkyard that will take the vehicle off of your hands. Here are a few ways to get rid of your old vehicle.

1. Give it away. If your vehicle is extremely old and it doesn’t run, you’d probably need to spend a lot of money just to sell it. Consider junking it instead. A local junkyard will take your car and sell it for parts, sometimes giving you a small amount of cash if the vehicle has particularly hard-to-find parts.

Junk yards will often pay for towing costs, so if you decide to junk a car, call around to local yards and see if they’ll cover vehicle transportation costs.

2. Donate it. Many charities will accept vehicle donations. However, charities often limit their donations in some way. You might need to pay towing costs if your vehicle doesn’t run, for instance.

Once again, you’ll have to do some quick research to determine whether donation is an option. Look online for charities in your area. Make sure to get a donation receipt if you get rid of your car in this manner. You can deduct your donation at tax time.

3. Sell it. Some cars are still worth money, even if they aren’t running. Hobbyists often buy two old cars of the same model and mix and match parts to put together running vehicles. Advertise the vehicle on a website like Craigslist. You can also take an ad out in the automotive section of your local classifieds. Be sure to give an honest description of the vehicle. You might not get much for your old car, but anything’s certainly better than nothing.

Your options will vary depending on your vehicle’s exact age, condition and model. If your car isn’t running, you’ll probably have to junk or donate it. Regardless, you can figure out your options with some quick research and get rid of your car within a few days to make room in your garage for your next vehicle.