One of the great inventions of the 21st century is Social Networking. Though it started as a means for staying connected with friends and relatives, over time it has been updated to include features such as apps to empty parking spots, help friends find you when you are out as well as many other features. Programmers are currently testing social networking programs to see whether it can be used for better traffic management and increase driver safety. These tests started in Germany, with the hopes they will branch out around the world.

The Ingenious C2X Communication System

In Germany, Daimler has taken much of the initiative to research what the C2X communication system can do for traffic control as well as driver and pedestrian safety. They started a trial with 120 vehicles, which will have social networking abilities between vehicles mainly in the Rhine region of Germany. They will be provided with the latest traffic updates in different areas of the city through links to main traffic communication centers. This will allow them to receive up to date traffic information that is shared among the linked vehicles.

Prior Alert to the Drivers

The system is designed to give drivers traffic alerts and conditions in specific areas. They will also updated news and receive emergency transmissions immediately to help them avoid affected areas sooner than the general driving population. By testing the C2X project, Daimler is trying to see whether this technology will be feasible and useful in the real world among the general population of drivers. The researchers are quite certain the result will be positive and systems like this will help in the overall development of traffic systems around the world.

Some ways C2X is going to assist drivers

C2X technology will certainly make the flow of the traffic smoother by alerting the drivers about congested traffic areas along their route giving them enough time to choose an alternate, less congested route. Another important feature of the C2X system is that it will automatically control the traffic light in accordance with the existing traffic condition and thus ensure smooth traffic control.

The C2X social networking technology will help in the smooth running of the traffic system by establishing a communication system between the cars that are heading in the same direction. This in turn will help save time and assist in driver safety as well. This is one of technology that has the potential to change traffic problems and increase driver safety.

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