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Performance can make or break a truck’s reputation. With each major brand vying for the “best-in-class” title, buyers looking for dependability should weigh a truck’s features against its fuel efficiency.

The experts at AxleGeeks, a motors research site powered by Graphiq, identified the six best truck brands. The Truck Rating, a quantitative rating for 2016 models, combines key attributes including horsepower, torque, towing capacity, payload capacity and combined gas mileage to inform buyers of the best truck brands.

The list is sorted based on Truck Rating, ending with the top-rated brand.

#6. Toyota

Truck Rating: 67
Average Towing Capacity: 8,150 pounds
Average Torque: 333 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 1,397.5 pounds

While Toyota is a brand known for its reliability, its trucks don’t measure up in power capabilities. Its payload capacity average of 1,398 pounds falls short of the 2,579-pound average set by Chevrolet’s models.

#5. Nissan

Truck Rating: 68
Average Towing Capacity: 8,994 pounds
Average Torque: 379.5 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 1,733 pounds

Nissan trucks deliver 379.5 pound-feet of torque, besting the 342.5 pound-feet averages set by GMC and Chevrolet. However, Nissan trucks tow significantly less on average (8,994 pounds) compared to industry leaders such as Ford and Ram – towing 14,000 pounds and 17,130 pounds respectively.

#4. Chevrolet

Truck Rating: 76
Average Towing Capacity: 11,150 pounds
Average Torque: 342.5 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 2,578.5 pounds

Chevrolet’s average towing strength and payload capacity exceeds Toyota’s stats. Conversely, its average torque of only 342.5 pound-feet lowers its Truck Rating.

#3. GMC

Truck Rating: 84
Average Towing Capacity: 11,250 pounds
Average Torque: 342.5 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 2,597 pounds

GMC trucks deliver better than the class average in fuel efficiency, and their 11,250-pound towing capacity surpasses Nissan’s average of 8,994 pounds. GMC’s lower horsepower output underperforms competitors like Ram, decreasing its Truck Rating score.

#2. Ram

Truck Rating: 92
Average Towing Capacity: 17,130 pounds
Average Torque: 400 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 2,243 pounds

Ram trucks perform exceptionally well with a best-in-class towing capacity average of 17,130 pounds, more than doubling Toyota’s 8,150-pound average. Its lone detriment is its lower fuel efficiency, causing Ram trucks to peak at the No. 2 spot.

#1. Ford

Truck Rating: 100
Average Towing Capacity: 14,000 pounds
Average Torque: 405 pounds
Average Payload Capacity: 3,420 pounds

Best-in-class torque and payload capacity earned Ford the No. 1 spot. Furthermore, its trucks deliver excellent fuel efficiency, making the brand an attractive option for those who want the perfect mix of industry-leading performance and savings at the pump.

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