Thousands. That’s what you could save if you take the time and make the investment to properly monitor how and where your employees are driving. To you, this may sound like a no-brainer – but surveys have shown that a worrying number of companies are still wasting money on unnecessary fuel costs at a time when diesel and petrol prices have hit record highs.

Fight Off Rising Fuel Costs by Introducing Driver League Tables

All Doom and Gloom?

According to a recent survey by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, less than half of van fleet operators have ever considered drawing up optimum routes for their drivers, while some 65% haven’t even factored in how a driver’s on-road habits might impact on fuel consumption and costs. The picture painted by the survey gets even grimmer; a whopping 81% of van drivers aren’t provided with a sat nav to help them map out the most economical routes. Perhaps the most startling finding, though, was that only 23% of van fleet operators even bother to plan routes for their drivers.

Tell-Tale Telematics

Thankfully, there are solutions available. The most immediate is the installation of telematics, which can prove to be a cost-effective solution. According to the UK’s most chosen vehicle tracking specialist Navman Wireless, the latest so called Smart Telematics technology is designed to provide fleet managers with critical real time data about vehicle and driver behaviour, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that can help reduce fuel consumption, extend equipment life, cut carbon emissions and improve driver safety.

Top of the Table

Perhaps the most cost-effective way of reining in fuel costs is to appeal to the drivers themselves. Healthy competition is the key, with some companies setting up league tables to compare how individual drivers and entire teams are performing. These companies are measuring who manages the highest and lowest miles-per-gallon per month, who is actively hunting out the best deals on the forecourt, and even spotting those who are using premium fuel when a cheaper alternative might be available nearby.

An easy way to uncover these statistics is to use Keyfuels fuel cards from The Fuelcard Company. These cards offer bespoke reports on your fleet and on each card; including free of charge MPG reporting and information on abnormal usage. Weekly, daily or monthly reports can be sent directly to the relevant people in your business.

Big Brother? Not Bothered

You might think that such monitoring would lead to resentment from drivers but companies are finding the opposite; that it has created good-natured competition between employees as they battle it out to become king (or queen) of the league tables. Some companies offer vouchers as rewards to the most efficient drivers, while those drivers who consistently post poor results are offered driving training to improve their skills behind the wheel. That’s a win-win for all parties.

Take out the Sting

If you’re quietly shaking your head at the idea of piling through thousands of receipts to draw up the monthly league tables, then The Fuelcard Company can help. Using our business fuel cards will reveal just how much is being spent on each card by offering detailed invoicing for all fuel purchases made. These reports provide exact and easy-to-access details on the highest and lowest pence per mile, highest and lowest fuel spend, and more. Hopping across the channel needn’t put a stop to efficiency monitoring either thanks to our European fuel cards.

The Results Are In

Companies have experienced huge success with league tables – one, Cuelta Healthcare, believes it has saved up to £8,000 a year in conjunction with fuel cards, while Inspired Gaming Group has found that employees are buying 90% of their fuel from cheaper forecourts (compared to 50% before their league table was started). The results speak for themselves.