Ferrari is serious about developing an SUV. It’s so serious that CEO Sergio Marchionne doubled down on the company’s plans, telling Auto Express that the future SUV will look like “whatever a Ferrari utility vehicle needs to look like, before adding that “it has to drive like a Ferrari.”

2020 Ferrari SUV - image 665968

“The model will remain faithful to the company’s roots and DNA.”

Marchionne’s comments are the latest in a series of confirmations about a Ferrari SUV from the same man who once invited people to “shoot me first” before he signs off on an SUV sporting the Prancing Horse badge. But times have changed, and the super SUV segment is up and running with the arrival of the Lamborghini Urus. There’s a market there that Ferrari can now thrive in as it aims to achieve its goal of selling 2,000 units of the model in China alone as part of the company’s bigger goal of moving more than 10,000 units annually.

A Ferrari SUV wouldn’t be lacking in competitors, either. In addition to the Urus, the super SUV segment also includes the Betley Bentayga and the upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan. A case can even be made for the Porsche Cayenne to be included in that upper echelon market.

It’s still unclear how Maranello plans to proceed in the development of the Ferrari SUV. One thing is clear, though, as far as Marchionne is concerned. The model will remain faithful to the company’s roots and DNA. In that vein, we can at least expect the model to be a lot like Lamborghini’s Urus. It may be an SUV in size and definition, but it’s still a supercar at its core.

At the very least, we can expect the Ferrari SUV to be similar to the Urus in a lot of ways, including having a price tag worthy of a supercar. Rumors have it that Ferrari’s looking to price its future SUV in the vicinity of $350,000.

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