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You’ve had a miserable day at work; the boss has kept you late and your colleagues keep talking about the amazing night out on Friday they somehow forgot to invite you along to. All you want is to get home, have some dinner and put your feet up in front of the TV. You get behind the wheel and get the old lead foot out, driving faster than you should in your eagerness to get home. It’s raining and you’re getting worked up, you turn a corner and up ahead: disaster. The road ahead is choked with an enormous, rusty combine harvester that looks like a relic from the great depression. It’s creeping along at a truly glacial pace and seemingly unaware of the endless conga-line of vehicles trailing in its wake.

You lose your cool and start tailgating; bumper to bumper with the harvester, you’re gesturing for the driver to get out of the way and jinking into the opposite lane in a desperate attempt to overtake. The nice middle-aged lady from HR who you’re carpooling with is gripping the dashboard so hard she’s leaving crescent-shaped nail marks in the plastic, and her size 4 hushpuppies are stamping ineffectually on the invisible passenger brake.

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