Company carOffice workers everywhere have their little rituals to help them concentrate, or give them a well-earned break from the desk. A quick trip to the water cooler or a go on a stress ball can give the mind the kick-start it needs to keep working well. Everyone needs the odd distraction to get them through the working day. That’s fine when you are actually in the office, but what happens when you are out and about in your company car? Driving can be the dullest part of a job, so perhaps your car needs a pepping up with a few gadgets and distractions, just like in the office? After all, if it is a company car, it is part of the workplace. Here are our ideas:

The built in water-cooler

Everyone needs a water-cooler while they work. If you are thirsty while you are driving, you end up scrabbling for a lukewarm bottle of water rather than the crisp, cool glass you’re used to at work. Why not have a little water-cooler in the car, running off its battery? For something even higher tech, it could dispense hot water too, avoiding the need for service-station coffee stops and allowing you to make your brew exactly the way you like it.

The ‘office’ plants

Every office needs its plants. They help people relax and stop large buildings from feeling too institutional. But what about those executive cars? They might benefit from a few hardy plants to help give them a more laid-back, homely feel. A mini hanging basket or two would add a novelty factor, and a nice leafy plant on the parcel shelf would keep things green and provide some contrast to the tarmac, rubber and metal outside.

The stress toys

Stress toys might be a cliché, but they are popular for a reason. When you are facing three days of meetings, or you have just been called in to see the MD, you need something to help focus your mind and keep your blood pressure down. Driving can add to work stress, especially for those who have to take calls and think about work at the same time. A special socket and custom-made plug in stress toys could be a winner.

The business fuel cards

Oh no, wait. That was just us getting excited about all of the great benefits and savings our fuel cards bring to us in our cards, and thinking that they must have come from somewhere else first. Saving time, money and hassle, they’re like venus fly-trap water coolers that bear stress toy fruits…