Awesome Options for Your Company CarKit out that company vehicle with the ultimate options!

With a heady mix of the practical and the ‘ostentatious’, tick the following on that option list to induce instant colleague envy…

Split Personality

While the tech has been out for a while (and used by other vehicle makers), Mercedes SplitView screen remains mighty impressive. Mounted above the centre console, the screen offers all manner of useful driver info for the driver. But move to the front passenger seat, and you can watch movies (or Neighbours, if you must) thanks to the SplitView’s ability to offer two viewing angles on a single screen.

Envy Rating: An effortlessly cool 10 out of 10

Going Upmarket, Sweeties

Hyundai used to be the butt of many cheap jokes, but the Korean company is having the last laugh as it starts to eat into rivals’ profit margins. How better to celebrate than with the luxury Equus saloon, which boasts the option of a rear-seat champagne cooler?

Envy Rating: A chilled out 5 out of 10

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Sick of being pummelled by the price of coffee at service stations? Then investing in a Fiat 500L (due to be launched later this year) could prove to be a very smart decision. With an option costing a predicted €250, caffeine addicts can brew their own coffee using an onboard espresso maker mounted by the gear stick. In conjunction with Lavazza, the set offers an espresso-brewing dispenser, a sugar container and even a spoon. We can only hope that it’s just a matter of time before we can press a button and watch in awe as a Ginsters Scotch Egg Bar is curled out of the dashboard…

Envy Rating: A mouth-watering 8 out of 10

“It’s Full of Stars!”

Obscenely rich managing directors love to show off their wealth, often in the portly shape of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. But to complete the effect, the Starlight headliner is an essential option for the big Roller, changing that dreary in-cabin ceiling into a starfield made up of 1,600 teen-tiny optical lights to gaze up at as your chauffeur ferries you to your next meeting.

Envy Rating: A ridiculously ostentatious 7 out of 10

Parking Blushes Banished

Vanquish parking scrapes from your bumper forever thanks to Ford’s Active Park Assist. While other car makers offer a similar option, Ford’s has been winning plaudits for being the most practical for parallel parking. The process? When travelling under 20MPH, hit the assist button while driving beside a line of cars. The system’s sensors will spot a suitably-sized space and tell you to stop when appropriate. Slip into reverse, put your hands behind your head nonchalantly, and press gently down on the accelerator pedal – the car will do the rest.

Envy Rating: A green-eye inducing 8 out of 10

And Finally…

Want to give your company fuel card a little more bling? Then choose our gold-plated card option for a paltry £2,500*.

Considering leasing a Mercedes SLS AMG? Then can we recommend the rather splendid Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG option that features eleven high-performance speakers with two illuminated tweeter lenses. No, we have no idea what the latter are; but at just over five grand, they’re reassuringly expensive…

Worried about crashing your McLaren MP4-12C? Then pay £430 for a humble fire extinguisher…

A starfield not enough for your Roller? Then also tick the door umbrella option that sees full-sized Teflon-lined umbrellas fitted inside the rear doors that can be released at the press of a button.

If you want to become the most hated person in the company car park, track down a 2009 Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV and import it to the UK. It features an all-leather interior made from, erm, whale penis.

For information on our company fuel cards, visit for full details on our range that includes Texaco FastFuel fuel cards, Shell CRT fuel cards, Keyfuels fuel cards and Esso Commercial fuel cards.

*Alas, this option isn’t actually available. Unless you really, really want to give us £2,500 and we’ll see what we can do…

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