The world of automobiles is evolving fast, driven by the ever advancing world of technology. With every passing day, new cars are being introduced in the market. These cars have different specially designed parts, which help them remain relevant with the fast transforming customer requirements. Besides, the world is becoming a faster place. People tend to drive their cars recklessly, with their eyes only on time. As a result, the number of accidents is also increasing on a regular basis. With an aim to curb these, the major players of the automotive industry are bringing in significant changes in terms of automobile security. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

Pedestrian Detection System to Avoid Accidents

One of the major forms of accidents occur when a car hits a pedestrian. It can lead to grievous injuries to the latter and can even cause death. The reasons can be many. One of the most common reasons is the lack of visibility of the drivers at times. And this can be for several reasons, such as:

  • Limited visibility during nighttime
  • Bad weather

This is why companies are trying to introduce pedestrian detection systems. Unlike their earlier counterparts, these systems are going to use stereo cameras, which help to generate the outline image of the people and other obstacles on the way of the car. This is expected to make the security systems of the cars more effective than ever before.

Breakaway Windscreen Wipers to Enhance Safety

The windscreen of the car is one of the most dangerous components when it comes to accidents. Any accident can cause serious injuries. But when the victim is hit by the windscreen of the car, the result can be devastating. It can hit the head and can cause traumas and even death. However, several companies are working on the breakaway windscreen wipers, the technology, which is expected to reduce such accidents. These include fenders and hoods that are offsets from the frame and the engine, respectively. Moreover, this technology also ensures that during the impact, the wiper of the car breaks away. This will ensure that the wiper does not cause any extra harm to the victim by getting stuck in the body.

Inflatable Seatbelts to Reduce Impact

Seatbelts play one of the major roles in ensuring the safety of the passengers as well as that of the driver during an accident. During collisions, these seatbelts ensure that the person does not hit the windscreen or the hard dashboard of the car. Moreover, with every passing day, the advancements in the field of technology are also helping take the designs of these seatbelts forward. You can now have a number of airbags in the car:

  • Side curtain airbags
  • Drivers knee airbags
  • Rear collision airbags

Along with these, almost similar products, such as the inflatable seat belts are gaining ground fast. They are meant only for those passengers who are sitting at the rear seat. These seatbelts get deployed by special sensors and plays a major role in reducing the injuries of the victims during accidents. The buckles should be lifted as well, making it more comfortable for you than ever before to wear the seatbelts.

Security is regarded as one of the most important factors in the automotive world these days. Hence, a large number of companies are focusing on the process of saving lives during accidents. Several changes are also being implemented in the manufacturing process of the cars. There are several emerging trends in the world of automotive engineering as well. Advanced combustion modes are being added in the cars. Besides, new battery systems, downsizing and turbocharging are also being introduced. All these together is sure to make the car rides of future a more enjoyable process.