Seeing as Dodge put a lot of effort into creating the Hellcat engine it is no surprise that they have now confirmed a new host for this beast of an engine. Not content with the 475 hp , 470 lb-ft motor in the Grand Cherokee SRT , which in itself is no slouch, Dodge are now replacing it with the the mighty 6.2 liter, 707 hp, 650 lb-ft Hellcat engine.

The rumors have been circulating over these past few months and now the super high-performance SUV has been was confirmed by the brand’s boss, Mike Manley, who said “We talked about launching a higher performance vehicle which we’ll do next year which will feature the Hellcat engine.

As the most expensive model the Grand Cherokee SRT (Hellcat) may not use this name and rumors have been surfacing that it may use the name Trackhawk. So far we have not received confirmation of this.

The Hellcat engine is the the most powerful regular-production V8 engine ever produced in the United States, but we are not sure if the Cherokee version will have the same power outputs. The Grand Cherokee is of course all wheel drive so Jeep may hold back some of the Hellcat power seeing as traction is not an issue. If not then we would expect it to reach sixty from standstill in 3.5 seconds or less, in spite of it weighing some 600 lb more than the Challenger Hellcat. This would make it the fastest and most powerful production SUV in the world.

No word on price yet but it will be more expensive than the $65,000 SRT model that is available today. We guess it could price out at around $75k making it a performance SUV bargain. It will be available in July 2017. Start saving now.