In order for you to be a safe and responsible driver, you need to be willing to learn and follow the rules of the road. Traffic laws are there to protect you and other drivers on the road, but they aren’t going to help anyone if they are not obeyed. Unfortunately, even as a responsible driver, you still might come across a traffic citation or two during your driving career.

Here are 5 simple yet useful facts to help you better understand some of the most common traffic citations and what you can do about them:

1 – You Can Receive A Citation For Any Violation Of A Traffic Law

If you choose to break a traffic law, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see those police sirens light up behind you. There are many people who justify breaking certain traffic laws simply because the particular law seems unimportant, or because other drivers are doing the same thing. However, whatever your reason may be, remember that you may be forced to pay the consequences.

To help you avoid getting a traffic citation, here are some of the most common violations that send drivers to traffic school:

*Speeding (especially in locations that are marked as school zones or residential areas)

*Failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign or red light

*Not wearing a seat belt

*Passing a school bus while passengers are boarding or getting off

*Failure to use turn signal

2 – Multiple Tickets Can Increase Your Insurance Premium

If you want your insurance premium to stay at a low rate, you need to start following the rules of the road. Many drivers don’t realize that their traffic citations can affect the cost of their insurance. In reality, depending on your particular insurance plan and state, getting multiple traffic tickets on your driving record could dramatically increase your insurance rate.

One important thing to remember is the difference between moving and non-moving traffic violations. In most states, non-moving violations do not affect a driver’s cost of insurance. Non-moving violations generally include things like getting a parking ticket or driving with a suspended driver’s license.

3 – By Attending Traffic School, You Might Be Able To Have Points Removed From Your Record

When you receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation, you are generally given points on your driving record. However, depending on the rules of your state and the particular traffic violation, you are usually able to have many or all of points removed by attending traffic school. This can also be a convenient way to get your insurance rate back to normal again.

Traffic school is generally a very inexpensive option, and it can be extremely beneficial. Whenever you get a traffic citation for a moving violation, make sure that you find out about your options for traffic school.

4 – There Are Other Ways To Have A Traffic Ticket Removed From Your Record

Traffic school is usually the first thing people think of when they get a traffic citation. Although this is generally the most successful option, there are a few other things you can try to have points or a ticket removed from your driving record.

Consider the following options:

*Contest the ticket in court – If you choose this method, make sure that you dress appropriately, and don’t admit guilt.

*Write the district attorney presiding over your case – The district attorney may not remove the ticket completely, but he or she could have the points reduced.

*Use your previous positive driving record to plead your case – If your driving record has been clean in the past, you might be able to have points removed.

5 – The Best Way To Keep Points Off Your Record Is To Avoid Getting A Ticket In The First Place

Of course, the best way to keep traffic citations off your record is to avoid getting a ticket in the first place. To avoid getting a ticket, remember these tips:

*Learn the rules of the road and obey them.

*Be kind and respectful to public officials, especially if you are pulled over for a traffic violation.

*Go to traffic school.

By learning more about the rules of the road, and becoming a safe driver, you can help to keep traffic citations off your driving record. If you need to improve your driving skills, taking a course in traffic school.