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LinkedIn introduces Product Pages

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that seems to have morphed into a social media network that is encouraging…

Sophie Beard
February 9, 2021

Is Facebook Getting Old?

Facebook has seen a decline in DAU numbers in two key markets. This is not necessarily the end of…

Sophie Beard
February 8, 2021

TikTok Is Testing Longer Videos

TikTok is known for short, snackable video content, but it’s thinking of changing things. It’s testing shorter form videos.…

Sophie Beard
February 5, 2021
Social Media

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

How will digital marketing change in 2021? Well, it will in some rather obvious ways after a year that…

Sophie Beard
February 4, 2021
Digital Marketing

Is Reddit Finally Growing Up?

A weird niche site that quickly became a community of millions, Reddit has done well. Now it is looking…

Sophie Beard
January 30, 2021
Social Media
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