Nagesh Sharma is a Professional Scrum Trainer at and currently employed by Prowareness as an Enterprise Coach. His mission resonates with mission “to improve the profession of software delivery”. He is engaged with Large Enterprises transformation to an Agile and Lean approach, organizational dynamics and creating high performing teams. Nagesh is a Trainer/Coach/Facilitator/Learner who has a strong background in the Product and Project management styles. His mission drives him towards increasing the joy and accomplishment people feel in their work by practicing agile way of working. Over the past few years, he has focused his efforts on Agile practices in general and the Scrum Framework in precise. His Agile knowledge, along with his coaching and training abilities, offers him the perspective needed to guide teams and agile leaders to harness Agile as the competitive advantage. Nagesh is also a Certified Transformation Coach by ICF-International Coach Federation and Certified NLP Practitioner by American Union of NLP. Nagesh is also an active speaker at many Agile & Scrum Conferences like Scrum Bangalore, Scrum Gurgaon, India Agile Week, DevOnSummit etc. Nagesh is also a Sketchnoter- His Sketchnotes have been showcased on

and Doodle Revolution-

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