I am a connector to the core. I love empowering people to create opportunities for themselves.

I believe in the power of influence. I have experienced first-hand the role that LinkedIn can play in expanding a personal + professional network. My specialty is teaching + coaching executives on ways to effectively build their personal + professional brand through LinkedIn, while gaining a competitive advantage and increasing business opportunities.

If you struggle answering any of these questions, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn message 0r [email protected]:

• How can I make sure the reputation I have offline in the business community is mirrored online?
• Why is it important to be authentic, diligent and systematic in building my network?
• What can I do to engage my network?
• How can I increase or start initiating business meetings online?

People refer to me as the LinkedIn Guru | LinkedIn Expert | LinkedIn Trainer | LinkedIn Teacher | LinkedIn Coach | LinkedIn Consultant | LinkedIn Ninja | LinkedIn Lady (though it’s not my favorite) | LinkedIn Speaker | LinkedIn Professor

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