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Born in the Uk, Henny Maltby is a 44 year old Growth Marketing entrepreneur.  Henny has launched and grown over 50 Uk companies and has a proven track record of driving big growth in startups.  Today Henny works at her Growth Marketing Agency Pink Elephant Media Founded in 2017.  Pink Elephant Media's sole aim is to help businesses scale at a fast rate using a mix of technology, growth hacking and growth marketing techniques.  Henny's company produces smart websites, that can track and trace who clients are coming to the site, what they are doing, and what they are interested in.  This allows her clients to understand what marketing efforts are working a.  You can also learn directly some of the strategies Henny uses to help businesses scale with the launch of Pink Elephant Media Training Platform. 

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Henny Maltby
May 27, 2021
B2B Marketing