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David DeCorte is the Content Manager at Chargebacks911, an industry-leading dispute mitigation service. He writes extensively on subjects including fraud prevention, payments, and eCommerce. David is currently working on his first book.

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eCommerce Merchants Could Save Hundreds of Billions Each Year by Eliminating False Positives

Criminal fraud is nothing new in the eCommerce space. The problem has been growing year-by-year for two decades, leading…

David DeCorte
June 30, 2020

The Coronavirus “Ripple Effect” Could Mean Trouble for eCommerce

Some industries are obviously feeling the pain from the coronavirus outbreak more acutely than others. The travel and entertainment…

David DeCorte
April 2, 2020

Thrive in Brick-and-Mortar Retail by Playing to the Channel’s Strengths

After years of headlines warning about decline in brick-and-mortar retail, here’s one you probably wouldn’t expect: more and more…

David DeCorte
March 11, 2020
Customer Experience

The Risks & Rewards of Voice-Enabled Commerce

Voice-enabled IoT devices found their way into millions of American homes over the last decade. We add more of…

David DeCorte
February 12, 2020

Is There a Fight Brewing Between Fintech and Banks?

One of the nation’s largest banks has been taking heat from customers in recent months. No, it’s not about…

David DeCorte
January 8, 2020
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