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Amity Kapadia is Director of Content Marketing at Ambassador, a SaaS referral platform that empowers marketing teams to increase revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth, referrals, and recommendations. Ambassador drives revenue for B2B businesses and consumer brands, including Spotify, SAP, SunPower and HP.

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What is Influencer Marketing in 2020?

The proliferation of influencers in the recent years has marketers across industries wondering, “what is influencer marketing in 2020?”…

Amity Kapadia
February 4, 2020

Why You Need Referral Software to Grow Your Business

If your brand is already bringing in happy customers, you may wonder why you need referral software to grow…

Amity Kapadia
January 28, 2020
Business Innovation

The Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing Revealed

What are the secrets of word of mouth marketing that you need to know as we kickoff 2020? Lean…

Amity Kapadia
January 20, 2020

Planning Your Partner Program Strategy: The Handbook for Success

If you brand is taking on aggressive growth strategies, expanding into new markets, while still trying to remain lean,…

Amity Kapadia
January 12, 2020
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