If you’re looking for a way to get your brand out there, influencer marketing is a great way to do it. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 19% of B2B marketers have used influencer marketing in the past year.

However, with marketing teams failing to put out a persistent effort in building relationships with their target audience, they’re put at a disadvantage. This is where influencer marketing agencies come in.  In this guide, we present the 10 of the top influencer marketing agencies for businesses.

Our Pick for the Best Influencer Marketing Agency: Ubiquitous

  •  It’s no secret that influencer marketing is hot right now. But it’s also no secret that working with influencers isn’t easy. So if you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform that takes the guesswork out of the process, look no further than Ubiquitous.
  • Ubiquitous has raised $5 million in seed funding and has seen severe traction metrics. It grew its user base by 72% month-over-month since it launched in April 2019. In addition, they’ve gathered over 50,000 influencers on their platform, which means they’re doing something right.
  • The company has also been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies in America for 2019 (and named one of the top 5% fastest-growing companies across all industries) and Forbes 30 Under 30 Rising Stars in Marketing and Advertising.

With all this activity happening around Ubiquitous, it’s clear that they’re doing something right!

Best Influencer Marketing Agency: Top 10 for 2022

If you’re not familiar with the term, influencer marketing is when brands partner with social media personalities to promote their products. It’s a great way to reach new audiences, especially since they have large followings who trust them and are interested in what they have to say. So we’ve compiled our list of the top influencer marketing agencies for businesses to try.

  1. Ubiquitous – Overall Best Influencer Marketing Agency
  2. Viral Nation – Excellent Hyper-Targeted Campaigns
  3. House of Marketers – #1 International TikTok Marketing Agency
  4. Fanbytes – Best Influencer Marketing Agency to Monetise through Snapchat
  5. Go Fish Digital – All-in-One Digital Marketing Agency
  6. ApexDrop – Top-Converting Micro-Influencers
  7. Moburst – Full-Service Mobile Tech Services
  8. Kairos Media – Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Fast-Paced Scaling
  9. MoreInfluence – Influencer Marketing Agency with an Excellent Track Record
  10. Audiencly – Best for UK-Based Influencers

Influencer Marketing Agencies Compared 

Want to get the most bang for your buck in your influencer marketing strategy? We’ve compiled a list of the top influencer marketing agencies based on their performance and price. We looked at their processes, success rates with campaigns, and pricing structures. We also took into account how much value they brought to the table, then we ranked them by those factors. Here are our top picks:

1. Ubiquitous – Overall Best Influencer Marketing Agency

Ubiquitous is the first tech-driven, a managed marketplace that completely automates every stage of the influencer marketing process for brands and artists across many platforms, including the complicated TikTok channel. Brands benefit from an end-to-end partner that controls everything in influencer marketing campaigns, from strategy to execution to optimization, using the world’s most extensive TikTok creator network.

Pricing and Costs

Ubiquitous does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

2. Viral Nation – Excellent Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Viral Nation is a worldwide digital and social innovation company that fuels the social ecosystem by integrating strategy, talent, media, and technology. VN Marketing is a full-service digital and social agency; VN Talent and VN Sports are creators and athlete-influencer management firms, and VN Tech is a software subsidiary.

Clients include PUBG Mobile, Baidu’s Facemoji Keyboard, Match, Chispa, BLK, Wish, Smule, TikTok, etc. Influencer programs are supported by the agency’s industry-leading tracking and ROI data. The agency is entrusted with marquee accounts for top brands worldwide and, has a client retention record of over 90%, has outperformed 95 percent of its influencer marketing projects.

Pricing and Costs

Viral Nation does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

3. House of Marketers – #1 International Influencer Marketing Agency for TikTok

House of Marketers is the world’s premier TikTok marketing firm, partnering with clients to dramatically increase their return on investment. The company’s two founders met after taking distinct courses in life. One was one of TikTok’s earliest European workers, while the other headed one of Europe’s largest influencer marketing firms. As a result, House of Marketers can run marketing campaigns that outperform most marketers because of their superior experience on this new social media platform and the +300 brand alliances.

Pricing and Costs

House of Marketers does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website

4. Fanbytes – Best Influencer Marketing Agency to Monetise Snapchat

Fanbytes is a top social media advertising and influencer marketing firm specializing in Gen Z and engages them with ‘advertainment’ via their content. Tim Armoo, the company’s CEO, created the name. The firm was founded in 2017 and guarantees that advertising receives the most bang for its buck. The business has developed campaigns for Warner Music, Missguided, and Deliveroo. This new firm has a wealth of experience and survives by assisting clients in capturing the attention of millennials and Gen Z on social media.

Pricing and Costs

A Fanbyte influencer’s minimum budget is £3000. The pricing approach ensures that no money is wasted: they charge per completed view. However, there is no charge if a user stops watching an advertisement halfway through.

5.Go Fish Digital – All-in-One Digital Marketing Agency

Go Fish Digital is a reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) firm that can assist you in projecting the finest online image possible. By suppressing unfavorable reviews and promoting good ones, the firm aims to improve your online reputation. The company can create and promote new content, as well as promote your positive content to other news outlets and increase your social media mentions and profiles. Executive dashboards from Go Fish Digital enable you to access condensed data, browse daily outcomes, and monitor evaluations in real-time.

Pricing and Costs

Go Fish Digital does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

6. ApexDrop – Top-Converting Micro-Influencers

ApexDrop is a fashion influencer agency that has changed social media marketing by linking companies to their target demographic in a long-lasting and meaningful way. It uses the power of authenticated, precisely chosen social Influencers to help consumer brands connect with their target customers on a personal level. We achieve this by pairing consumer brands with micro-influencers who develop and distribute sponsored content to their followers on social media.

Pricing and Costs

ApexDrop does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website

7. Moburst – Full-Service Mobile Tech Services

Moburst is a mobile-first digital full-service marketing firm that assists businesses in scaling and becoming category leaders. They specialise in tackling our customers’ most difficult digital issues and feel that innovative thinking, superior technology, and data are the most important factors in achieving scalability. Its creative, ASO, user acquisition, influencer marketing, and mobile consulting services are used by companies ranging from startups to the world’s most recognizable brands, including Google, Samsung, Reddit, Uber, YouTube, Philips, Robinhood, and Playtika, to improve their products and maximize KPIs while also achieving exponential growth.

Pricing and Costs

Moburst does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website

8. Kairos Media – Fast-Paced Scaling

Kairos Media is a creative and influencer marketing business headquartered in London and New York. With the support of a network of 30,000 influencers from the Gaming, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness, Parenting, and Esports sectors, the agency utilizes its expertise to offer unique, effective marketing campaigns to businesses. Knorr, Unilever, Vodafone, Amazon, LG, Bacardi, and Wargaming are among the brands the agency has worked with since 2015.

Pricing and Costs

Kairos Media does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website. But we’ve found out that it has an hourly rate of $150-199 per hour and a minimum project size of $10,000+.

9. MoreInfluence – Excellent Track Record, Results Guaranteed

MoreInfluence’s full-service influencer marketing services provide a tailored strategy based on each client’s unique goals and objectives and extensive access to over 300 million social media users across a wide range of content categories. It has 35 years of marketing and advertising experience, 20 years of technical data analytics skills, and ten years of influencer marketing and in-depth social media expertise to offer its customers.

Pricing and Costs

More influence does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

10. Audiencly – Targeted UK-Based Influencers

Audiencly makes Influencer Marketing simple for any brand. They link prominent marketers with gaming industry content creators. They collaborate on specific solutions for your company and develop an effective Influencer Marketing campaign to increase website traffic and sales, raise product awareness, and establish a positive brand reputation.

Pricing and Costs

Audiencly does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

What Types of Influencer Marketing Agencies Are There?

There are many different types of influencer marketing agencies to consider.

Some companies specialize in celebrity influencer marketing, while others focus on attracting influencers based in specific geographic regions. In addition, some agencies focus on key influencers who are located in their target markets. Finally, others invest their resources in building relationships with famous personalities who reside outside of the company’s market. Here are the five types of influencer marketing agencies:

Influencer Databases

Influencer databases may be a low-cost option for marketers to conduct a scrappy influencer campaign and locate new partners in difficult-to-find locations. However, most of the time, these platforms are built on social listening and have algorithms that display profiles through search based on factors that a standard search on Google, Twitter, or Instagram would not consider. 

They may determine the most influential individuals in a particular field or issue by using data from public APIs such as keywords in content or profiles and interaction counts. This is how they go about it. In addition, some individuals have put in algorithms to check for trends in behavior to help others uncover influencers who gained phony followers or interactions. These tools don’t have many features, but they’re a wonderful place to start if you’re new to influencer marketing.

Influencer CRM Tools

As with any type of CRM, influencer relationship management tools are designed for marketers to create, update, and retain relationships with influencers.

These agencies work with platforms will help you store the data of your social media stars, such as their contact information, but they’ll also help you schedule the tasks you need to keep your influencers happy, such as sending them free product samples.

Leading platforms will offer automated tasks, such as sending a series of questions to your influencers to generate a list of product features that they would like for their next campaign. Then, the next time you pitch them and include those details in your campaign, they’ll see you listened to them and will likely be more engaged.

Influencer Marketplaces

These influencer marketing agencies work with Influencer marketplaces that allow you to connect with influencers in different verticals. Some popular marketplace features include social media management and the ability to manage multiple campaigns with the help of influencers.

These platforms are often built on a commission or reward system, which means that once your influencer converts a campaign for your business, they will receive payment from the platform.

Influencer Talent Agencies

Talent agencies are explicitly designed for celebrities, social media influencers, and high-profile individuals who frequently work with brands to endorse their products. These platforms perform a wide range of functions, including taking feedback from clients about the types of influencers they need for campaigns, building connections with potential influencers, and even providing creative marketing ideas for brands.

For example, these agencies will also be in touch with the influencers they represent to ensure they remain engaged with the brands their clients choose to endorse.

Influencer Management Agencies

Influencer management agencies are meant for businesses that have smaller budgets but need a complete set of services for their influencers, including relationship management and marketing support. These agencies will provide a higher level of service than talent agencies, but they’ll have fewer connections and be more poorly equipped to match your unique influencer needs.

How To Choose an Influencer Marketing Agency?

With the wide range of influencer marketing agency options, decide which one is best for your business. Here are some influencer marketing agency selection tips,  to keep in mind:

Consider Your Budget

The first thing you should do is consider your budget. You will likely have a variety of options available within your budget. However, if you’re looking at agencies that focus on celebrities or trendy influencers, they’ll be more costly than those with less famous individuals on their roster.

Quality vs. Quantity

Another important consideration is the potential number of influencers to work with and how long it could take your influencer marketing agency to find them. For example, for you to choose an individual influencer, your agency must have their contact information or research to find one who is a good fit for your company’s needs. Depending on the size of your company, this task can take weeks or even months.

Conversely, an agency that represents many influencers can find the right person for your campaign in no time. However, it may not have any contact information for the influencers on its roster, and you will rely on them to build those connections for you.

Interfaces and Technology

Some agencies may provide more advanced technology to help streamline their services, while others may be limited to a few outdated interfaces that don’t display data accurately.

Additionally, some agencies may choose to leverage a lead generation tool to provide you with the names of influencers. Then, you can simply contact those individuals to see if they’re interested in working with your company or consider the services of an influencer marketplace.

Services Offered

The next thing you should consider is the services offered by your potential agencies. For example, some agencies may provide a broader range of services, including social media management. Other benefits include traditional advertisement, marketing services, and influencer marketing.

Track Record

Another essential factor to consider is the track record of the agency’s success. But, again, it’s important to remember that many agency claims don’t match the past results of their clients.

This means you will want to verify whether they have done influencer marketing campaigns similar to yours. Otherwise, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money without getting any results.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Influencer Marketing Agency for 2022?

Whether you’re looking for a new agency with a bunch of new faces, an agency that offers you a wide variety of services, or an agency with a solid reputation to back them up, it will take some research to find the best fit for your particular needs. However, some agencies may focus on specific niche markets such as beauty, healthcare, or travel and are not the best fit for your business needs.


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