make money with cpa marketing

Click-Per-Action (CPA) networks provide some of the fastest and easiest ways for affiliate marketers to make big money online.

Advertisers such as Netflix, eHarmony, Liberty Mutual Insurance or any other company are looking for new leads and are willing to pay for them. How much depends on the company and the offer, but generally about $10 to $20 per lead.

CPA Networks serve as the middleman between advertisers and affiliate marketers who can provide these leads.

Ok, let’s see how this can make me money using a CPA network….

The Breakdown

CPA Networks tell the advertisers that their members can provide a certain number of new leads. In exchange, the advertisers tell the CPA Networks that they will give them a certain percentage of the commission – anywhere from 1% to 5% usually — on that lead if they can deliver what they promise.

For example, if Netflix is paying $20 for new leads who sign up for their service, the CPA network representing Netflix to their affiliates make $1 and the affiliates make $19.

To earn that commission, basically CPA networks make sure that their affiliates are able to back up their statements to their advertisers that they can provide the amount of leads they are promising.

If affiliates can’t support their claims, advertisers are going to go find other CPA networks that can deliver what they promise.

With the popularity of the internet as a marketing tool, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of CPA networks out there all competing for the same limited number of advertisers.

CPA Networks and Risk

CPA networks take a certain amount of financial risk because in some cases they pay out their affiliates before they are reimbursed by their clients.

If for some reason the client decides not to pay, or the client goes out of business, then the affiliate already has been paid and the CPA network is left holding the bag.

Not All Marketers Can Join

CPA networks have to be a little exclusive as to which affiliates they choose to be in their network. What they really want to see are affiliate marketers who can produce the leads for their clients. What they don’t really want to see are affiliates who are newbies who don’t know what they are doing or, worse yet, scammers who are just going to take the money and run.

If you can show a CPA network that you are not a newbie or a scammer, it’s fairly easy to get into almost any network. In this guide, we are going to show you exactly how you can do it.

Do Your Research First

Before you start applying to CPA networks, you are going to want to do your homework and find the best ones on the Internet to do join. If you are legitimate affiliate marketer, you are likely going to get accepted to almost all the CPA networks you apply to, especially if you follow the steps in this report.

But not all CPA networks are created equal. Some represent big-money advertisers and pay out their commissions promptly, resolve issues efficiently, and have sterling reputations. Others, not so much.

Trying to tell the difference between the two if you are inexperienced can be difficult. Your best bet is to ask your peer affiliate marketers which networks they like to work with. Another option is to visit an Internet marketing forum such as Warrior Forum and ask around there.

Biggest Isn’t Always Better

A lot of people apply to the biggest CPA networks because they tend to have the biggest name clients and consequently the biggest commissions. But if you are just starting out with CPA networks, it may be a good idea to begin with second-tier CPA networks until you gain some experience.

The big, established networks are much more exclusive as to who they let in than the smaller networks, so instead of beating your head on the wall trying to get accepted, you can get started right away with the smaller ones and gain the experience that will grease your way into the mega-networks later.

Don’t Give Up

If for some reason you are denied entry into a CPA network, don’t take it personally. Just move on to another one because there are hundreds of them.

If it is really important to you to be on that network, then simply add a note to your calendar to try again in a couple of months. By that point, you probably will be more experienced anyway and will have a better chance of being accepted.