Are you an affiliate marketer looking to make more money from your website? If so, you’re not alone. Many people, just like you, are turning to the world of affiliate marketing to make a living.

If you’re not familiar, affiliate marketing can be defined as a marketing process where someone (an affiliate) promotes a product or service to an audience. When members of their audience click the exclusive link and complete their purchase, the affiliate makes a commission.

Due to the need to expose your link to as many potential leads as possible, social media has become one of the go-to places for affiliate marketers. One of the big reasons for this decision is the ability to reach 3.81 billion people across all platforms. Not all of these consumers will show interest in what you’re offering, but it’s the potential to reach many different people that makes this tactic so appealing.

Today we will share several tips you can use to step up your affiliate marketing strategy on social media. Follow along and implement some of these tips into your business strategy if you want to see more sales, engagement, and website traffic.

Let’s dive in!

Find the Right Platforms for Your Business

The first thing you need to consider is the social media platforms you’ll use to boost your sales and click-throughs. Each site has its own host of benefits that you need to consider before you decide.

For instance, Instagram is known for its visually appealing content. So if you’re promoting an affiliate product that you can wear, display, or show off, Instagram may be a great starting point for your journey. When you consider that over 1 billion people use the platform, it becomes clear that it’s possible to reach your target audience by showing the right content and connecting with your audience.

Similarly, Youtube is great for tutorials, reviews, and guides. If the product you’re promoting is jam-packed with features, you could create video tutorials for people on the fence. Your video could be just the inspiration they need to follow through and complete their order. Lucky for them, you’ll have a handy affiliate link with a special promotion ready in the description.

A big part of understanding the platforms you’ll use comes from your target audience. In other words, where does your target audience spend most of their time? If your goal is to reach people between the ages of 18-25, you should consider targeting platforms like Instagram. While people aged 45-60 crowd spend their time on Facebook.

Before you start your next big promotion, think about your customer personas and the social media platforms they use the most.

Promote Products and Services that You Use

Our next tip centers on the products you’re promoting to users. Some marketers think they should share any offer that comes their way. The truth is, thinking this way can do more harm than good.

Imagine going to a website filled with various products across all industries. You notice that there are several posts a week, all talking about different products and services. Once you look a little deeper, you realize there are no pictures, videos, or real context for these promotions. You probably wouldn’t feel confident buying a product from one of their links, right?

Instead of taking this approach, you should fully endorse every product you promote to your users. Spend some time researching brands that contact you, reach out for review copies, or buy your own version if it’s necessary.

Your audience will appreciate the fact that you spend time with each of the products you’re showing. This strategy will help you build social proof while encouraging your audience to trust your brand for future referrals.

Share Content Packed with Value

Next, we are going to discuss the importance of creating great content that compliments your value proposition. If you haven’t got around to it yet, now is a great time to create a blog for your website. Blogs can be used to promote new products, touch base with your audience, writing helpful content, and much more.

Did you know that 77% of internet users read blog posts? That means if you’re consistently creating high-quality content, more users will stop by to see what you have to say. If more people visit your site, then there’s a better chance that folks will click your affiliate link and buy the product you’re offering.

It’s important to note that when you’re creating content for your blog, try to focus on your content and the information within, while intelligently including links to your affiliate products. Consumers will appreciate the fact that your site isn’t just a wall of ads. Instead, they are more likely to share your content and product codes because of the value you bring with your posts.

You can take this great content and share it with your followers on social media. This tactic will help you build up buzz around your website, and the products you’re sponsoring.

Engage with Your Audience

Finally, if you want to find success on social media, you have to engage with your audience. There are tons of ways you can create fun and interactive experiences for the people that follow your brand.

You could create a giveaway that encourages users to follow your brand, leave a comment, or share your post. Using this type of engagement, you can quickly spread brand awareness and get more people interested in your website.

Polls and surveys are also an extremely common way to engage with your audience on social media. Try asking your audience for their opinion on a hotly debated topic on your industry. There’s a good chance that this simple prompt could lead to a wealth of exposure and more overall engagement.

Don’t forget to spend some time responding to users that comment on who blog posts, engaging with the brands you’re using, and following consumers and businesses in your industry. All of these strategies count towards engagement and can help you dramatically scale up your affiliate business.


Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best ways to make a living in the online community. Countless brands want to get their product or service out to users, and you are the perfect person to get the job done.

Social media is a pivotal part of this plan, especially when you consider that 31.24% of all website traffic comes from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It will take you time to build your brand up and reach an impressive following, but it’s not out of your reach.

Continue creating great content, engaging with your audience, and spending time doing some customer research, and you’ll have no problem skyrocketing your affiliate sales with social media.