Over the past decade, the idea of affiliate marketing has expanded into virtually every industry worldwide. Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is when a promoter makes a deal with a business where the affiliate website owner offers to promote a product or service. The developer creates content for their online audience and features links to the company. Next, the consumer goes to the business and makes a purchase. The promoter, or affiliate marketer, get some of the profit.

This system is tried and true, and there are more affiliate options than ever before. We want to give you some insight into the world of affiliate marketing and share with you some tips on how you can master this business model in 2019.

Provide Valuable Content

The most critical factor in determining whether or not you’ll become a successful marketer is whether or not you have an audience. You must have an engaged audience who regularly consume your content. Otherwise, no one will ever follow your links and make a purchase, which translates to zero profit for you.

Building any business, including an affiliate site, requires that you provide the people who consume your content something that they value. The most common way to provide value to your consumers is through information such as a guide or review on the product or service. Similarly, you could build valuable information around the offer. For instance, if you’re promoting a beauty product, you could create a piece of content that discusses skincare.

You could also partner with other businesses for sponsored contests on your channel. Consumers love games of chance, and if it doesn’t cost them anything to enter, they are far more likely to continue engaging with your website after the contest has ended. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find a giveaway plugin for WordPress. Once you’ve installed a giveaway application, you can run contests directly from your website.

Research shows that 47 percent of consumers read between three and five pieces of content before they commit to a purchase. In other words, they are checking out your website to see if you’re someone they can trust. If you deliver valuable content, consumers will become more open to your offers.

Know When to Say No

The worst mistake you can make as an affiliate marketer is taking on too many affiliates at one time. Your site will usually appear sloppy, disorganized, and leave readers confused about precisely what you’re trying to do with your website.

If you went to a website looking for a review on a beauty product and noticed that they also reviewed power tools and pet products, would you value the opinion of the person who wrote the original post? Probably not. Consumers are looking for people who are experts on specific niches when they want information — particularly when money is involved.

You must decide on a vision for your website early on, and stick with affiliates who fit in your niche. It’s okay to say no sometimes. Similarly, you may find that you’ll have to cut affiliates from time to time. If you notice a severe drop in revenue on your AMP Google Analytics that shows that you’re spending more time to keep an affiliate on your site, it may be time to let them go. There are plenty of other options out there; you have to learn to pick the brands that mesh well with your voice, design, and vision.

Consider Using Automation

It’s hard to escape the changing technological landscape as more websites are investing in automation. Believe it or not, you can use automation to step up your affiliate marketing website. Some affiliate sites use a chatbot as a virtual butler. Instead of a consumer coming to your website and fumbling around your blog, you can send them directly to the page they were looking for.

Similarly, business owners are using automation to monitor their customer experience metrics. You can add a chatbot that pops up after a customer has been on your website for a certain amount of time or accessed a certain number of pages and ask them to rate their experience.

When you allow the people consuming your content to provide feedback, you’re getting valuable information about what you could be doing better on your site. For example, if you get a ton of feedback saying that there should be a search bar on your blog, you can prioritize this feature and get it out to consumers quicker, which could encourage them to make a purchase with one of your affiliates.


In the affiliate marketing world, there’s room for unlimited growth. There are distinct factors to keep in mind when creating your website, such as your WordPress hosting options, social media profiles, and design. However, the key to building an affiliate empire is by providing your consumers with content that has value, improving the overall UX, and making the right business partners. As your business grows, you’ll start to find your voice and learn what kind of products interest the people who visit your website. If you keep following this path, you’ll end up making money through affiliate marketing in no time.