By now, you should know the impact of affiliate marketing in this modern digital marketing era. If you are still in the hazy, then it would shock you to know that the U.S. affiliate marketing industry contributes over $5billion to the country’s economy. That’s double the size of the economy of a country like Belize.

Also, in the UK, affiliate marketing contributes to approximately 1% of the country’s entire GDP which is more than the entire agriculture industry of the country. So, if you didn’t know, now you know. Affiliate marketing is a big deal and a major player in online advertising.

Qualities to look out for

  1. Unique value

There are many affiliate platforms offering a wide range of digital and physical products. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the known brands like CJ, Rakuten or Clickbank. What you should be concerned about is a network that intends to revolutionize affiliate marketing by making the process stress free for publishers and advertisers.

Furthermore, they should care deeply about their various partners, whether new or old and always strive to be cordial with them. This is because the true value of success lies in building a strong and reliable community.

Also, a convenient and long-lasting environment to ensure a constant flow of new ideas should be a core value where advertisers and affiliates can work together on challenging tasks must be provided.

Other top features that you should check out are:

  • The ability to aggregate offers from various vendors within the network to simplify the search process.
  • Creating a highly enhanced search engine or a directory to help the affiliate marketers’ network.
  • Provision of a hitch-free service through the proper handling of all administrative responsibilities.
  1. Trusted Affiliates

For the purpose of trust, the affiliate platform must be able to execute payments to their partners’ affiliates instantly while ensuring that advertisers are selected in line with a uniquely developed vetting process. The platform should be responsible for protecting their partners against negative occurrences while striving to give them better returns.

Among the benefits which you should enjoy in a typical affiliate program are advanced technology, private tools and individual approach to every partner. Every partner should get assistance, support, and unyielding care.

Again, they must always put the people above the profit. Well, that in itself is the secret for making more profit because advertisers and publishers can really trust their judgments.

Not part of an affiliate program? You’re missing out

If you’ve not joined any affiliate network yet, chances are your products aren’t getting enough traction and your ROI is unimpressive. According to a study, around 84 percent of publishers and 80 percent of advertisers are part of an affiliate program. Clearly, this emphasizes the scale of affiliate marketing as a majority of all the key stakeholders in the digital era are part of the affiliate marketing family.

From the humongous fortune 500 companies to your local small and medium-sized businesses, everyone is a part of an affiliate network. It is arguably the best form of internet marketing in the 21st century without a doubt. By becoming a part of the family, you can make a real difference while increasing your ROI. Due to the scale and success of affiliate marketing, more than 80% of companies reported devoting over 10% of their marketing spend towards affiliate marketing.

More benefits of joining an affiliate network

According to an independent survey, the Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to grow to around $6.8billion over the next five years. What this means for our partners and us is an increase in turnover over the years to come.

But, this is only conceivable if you are actively involved in affiliate marketing. So, would you rather be a part of this booming industry or remain a spectator. I’m guessing that you also want a piece of the pie.

Affiliate marketing has emerged to become a great source of income for thousands of professional online bloggers. More opportunities have come up for bloggers with more online businesses participating in affiliate marketing.

Currently, there is a wide range of businesses working directly with affiliates. Most affiliate marketers can take advantage of an affiliate network to search for offers for their blogs.


Do you intend to start making money with from an affiliate network? You can use the tips shared here in this article to identify one which suits your needs and provides the best value.

However, you must find an affiliate platform that only takes a small cut of any fee generated to create a valuable purpose. Going through the terms and conditions is also very important. If you’re not clear on any of the terms, do contact the customer service support team to ensure that you have fully understood every bit of the information or instructions before completing your application.

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