A variety of tools and software can be used to recruit affiliates. Consider all the things you need to do – keep track of people, your products, affiliates’ commissions, and payouts. They also need easy access to your marketing materials. Try these tools and you’ll do great.

  • Website Building Software – The best website building software right now, hands down, is self-hosted WordPress. You can explore the possibilities by going to their website at WordPress.org. Look for premium WordPress themes or use a free one if you like.
  • Website Hosting – There are many different website hosts but you need a good host that offers security, safety, and great customer service. My recommendation is Bluehost.com.
  • Landing Pages – While you can use your regular WordPress installation to make a perfectly legitimate landing page if you want the bells and whistles consider getting good software like Optimize Press or other specific landing page software. It will make it a lot easier for you while looking professional.
  • File Storage & Delivery – There is an abundance of free file storage software available. Two of my favorites are Dropbox and Google Drive. You are probably already using these either for backup or team collaboration. One excellent paid file storage and delivery software is Amazon S3. It’s very inexpensive and you only pay for what you use. It enables you to deliver your products easily and quickly.
  • Email Marketing Software – There are some standard programs, as well as newer options that look great. Try Aweber, Constant Contact or Active Campaign. Who you choose will depend on your specific needs.
  • Affiliate Shopping Cart Software – Different programs have various features so find the one that fits your needs best. Try Amember.com if you want to be in complete charge of your products and affiliates. Your regular shopping cart may have an affiliate program available, usually at an additional charge. Try one of the networks like JVzoo.com if you don’t want to host or run the software yourself.
  • File Sharing & Storage – Even though you may use Amazon S3 for product delivery, Dropbox or GoogleDrive will work great as well to deliver information to others on a smaller scale and to keep track of your work.
  • Paying People – Right now PayPal.com is the standard. However, there are other options like Stripe.com. Most shoppers on the net are familiar with using PayPal now. PayPal lets you set up “mass pay” so that you can pay more than one affiliate at a time by uploading a spreadsheet.
  • Communication – There are many ways to communicate information to your affiliates. You can invite them to a private Facebook group, or you can create a sign-in using software like Amember.com. This software has an affiliate area, which can house messages, graphics, and other promotional materials. Keep in mind a central place works better than using email.
  • Help Desk – There is also software that you can set up that both your customers and your affiliates can use to get help. Software like Manage Engine’s Service Desk Plus is one such option.
  • Graphics – You’re going to need plenty of graphics to help promote your products and keep your affiliates happy. Try using Canva.com to help you.
  • Promotions – You will want to use different types of software to promote your business such as Hootsuite.com. This program will help you automate much of the work promoting on social media.
  • People – While people aren’t often thought of as tools, they are. They’re part of your resources you need to consider. Think of hiring an affiliate manager who understands software and how everything works so that you can focus on product creation.

Finding tools that will help you run your affiliate program will give you more time to create products that your affiliates can promote. Much of the work that you put in up front will pay off later when your affiliate program essentially runs itself and you’re raking in the money.

What to Do Now

The next step is to decide what affiliate software to use, get it setup, and then build relationships. Build relationships with your own audience and with potential super affiliates. Make your affiliate program the best it can be. Offer great commissions, excellent marketing resources, and deliver an amazing product and you will become successful.

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