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What would do if you could learn basic affiliate marketing tips that could help you use Google+ to enhance your efforts? Well I’m sure that you would be open to learning how to use Google+ the right way to build a community of followers and connected relationships. Your community and relationships, that you build on Google+, can then become part of the traffic that you drive to your affiliate products.

Important to note is that Google+ is integrated into the search algorithm of Even though Google+ is considered new on the social media scene, it has made a big impact in how you can reach your target market by driving traffic to your affiliate products. The affiliate marketing tips that will be shared in this blog post are simple yet effective.

Please keep in mind that it’s not an overnight success or a quick fix to integrate Google+ into your efforts. Remember, to develop a successful affiliate marketing plan that you also need to have a strategy in place. This strategy can only be successful on Google+ if you choose to engagement and build relationships with your target market.

Helpful affiliate marketing tips when using Google ?

As with all marketing strategies content is king. Start with great content to post and you have the foundation for your strategy. Here are some additional tips to help you market your affiliate products using Google+ :

  • Utilize Hangouts – This tool let’s you organize and meet up with people within your Circles. You can share affiliate marketing tips with your affiliates, discuss product features and even expand on content that you’ve posted.
  • Circle Your Competitors – There are many things that you can learn from your competitors. You can keep track of their products and content to see what strategies work for them. Circling the competition also allows your affiliates the opportunity to see a variety of products. This gives them an opportunity to access whether those products suit their needs better.
  • Optimize Your Google+ Page – Making sure that your G+ page is visible, completely filled out and engaging is key to getting people to pay attention to it. Make sure that you use relevant keywords, link to your webpages and product pages.
  • Use Large Images – Make sure that you use the best quality images of your products as possible. This includes video, which is a great to tool for product demos.
  • Utilize Attention Grabbing Headlines – Use keyword rich but engaging headlines to get attention. Keep it short but simple for sharing within your circle.

How can you use Google to drive traffic to your affiliate products?

Although still fairly new Google+ is proving to be an awesome force in the world of social media marketing. G+ has a feature called Communities that are groups dedicated to like-minded individuals of various subjects. You can even start a community on a subject if you can’t find one on the subject you’re looking for.

Communities can be a marketers gold mine because you are able to speak directly to people who you already know have an interest in your product. Using the tips I mentioned earlier in this post you can utilize your community to drive direct traffic to your affiliate products. Organize a community hangout to introduce your product and to get an idea of what need your product fills. With growth expected to exceed Facebook in the coming year through 2016 you’re strategy is sure to gain your products exposure by utilizing these affiliate marketing tips.