The period from the current Friday to the following Monday is one of the hottest times for Ecommerce. Last year, Cyber Monday was the best day ever for Ecommerce in the USA. As a B2B blogger, this shopping bonanza offers a great chance to get some of those sweet affiliate commissions by recommending products you genuinely like and recommend to your audience.

Here are quick content tips to make the most of Black Friday:

1. Create a deals page

Are you a part of some of those software company’s affiliate programs that you use daily? Then I’m sure they might have sent you special offers. It’s time to compile your favorite ones together on a deals page. Don’t forget to add a line of commentary personalizing why you recommend that specific product to your audience. Adding your own experience can go a long way in generating trust in your audience and encouraging them to sign up for products you recommend.

Finally, you can either you can group them by industry, such as “best Black Friday web hosting deals,” as I have done here. Or you can even create a general page that can live on your website’s menu.

Have you compiled the best deals? Great, now place them in your site’s footer or your site’s top navigation. Better yet, do both. This would ensure faster crawling by Google’s search engine bots, let the page get some of the link juice from other pages of your site, and also better visibility from new readers that arrive on your site. For instance, here’s Shoutmeloud’s homepage (with a link to their deals page in the top menu):

Some bloggers also tend to put the deals pages in a tab on their homepage. If you can easily manage the logistics here, then do the same. Else you can also consider using a global pop-up for your site (on WordPress, there’s a tool called Optinmonster for the same). This can direct people to your deals page.

3. Send emails to your email subscribers

Finally, you can also inform your loyal audience of the special offers and a few of your favorite deals. Remember to comply with the email marketing provider guidelines — many are against putting affiliate links in messages you send. In such a scenario, a link in the email to a blog post sharing the best deals could work well. Tease the discounts offered by companies to get people to click on the link. Here’s an example email by Matthew Woodard sharing a link to his “Black Friday Marketing Deals Portal”:

Oh, and if the deals page and sharing direct links to software sounds too promotional, then you can also share inspirational ideas in a blog post such as “console table decor ideas” (example here). Such articles are especially relevant in a situation where readers need to visualize the items before buying.

Once you compile such ideas, don’t forget to put them in prominent places on your website, as we discussed before.

Final thoughts

And that’s it. Small tweaks and making even a handful of sales on Black Friday could go a long way to building momentum for your site’s growth. Remember as time is less, try to create a simple 500-word post or email that compiles such best deals over trying to be comprehensive — being timely is key. Let me know if you’ve any other Black Friday marketing ideas for bloggers in the comments below.

Note: Originally a version of this article appeared at Tealfeed originally.

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