Jerkmate has become the go-to source of adult content for millions of people worldwide, offering red-hot live cam shows, pre-recorded porn videos, interactive sex games, and so much more. Aside from its unparalleled content, Jerkmate also excels due to its accessibility and safety – making it an excellent option for pretty much anyone!

With that in mind, this Jerkmate review takes a deep dive into what the site is all about, discussing its content, quality, pricing, and user-friendliness. We’ll also explore the different pornstars and categories available to view on Jerkmate, ensuring readers have everything they need to know about this popular site. 

What is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate logoFirst thing first – what is Jerkmate? Put simply, Jerkmate is one of the best adult cam sites for XXX-rated content, as it provides a safe platform for women, men, couples and trans performers to facilitate live sex shows. These shows can be viewed for free by anyone, regardless of whether they’re using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

There are countless Jerkmate models available to view, covering pretty much every category there is! Whether viewers are interested in ebony models via the best black porn sites, busty MILFs, redheaded bombshells, or couples with no boundaries – Jerkmate has them covered.

Jerkmate review

However, Jerkmate isn’t just well-known for its live cam shows, since the site has several additional features that help it stand out. One of the most popular features is a library of pre-recorded Jerkmate porn, with new videos added regularly. There’s even an array of red-hot sex games, all of which can be played for free!

Thus, Jerkmate combines all the most popular elements of the best porn sites into one handy platform. Not only that, but Jerkmate has a long-standing reputation for safety and security, ensuring that account holder data is never given to third parties. Moreover, Jerkmate has never been hacked and keeps viewer information private, meaning anyone can use the site whilst remaining anonymous!

What Does Jerkmate Offer?

One of the key components of this Jerkmate review is the different features that the site offers. Like the best free porn sites, Jerkmate provides various handy services ideal for those seeking uncensored adult entertainment. As noted above, most of these services can be accessed for free – without even having to create an account!

With that in mind, let’s take a more in-depth look at the services offered through the online Jerkmate app:

Live Cams

Looking for the best VR cam girls in 2023? It goes without saying that the service that stands out the most is the Jerkmate live cam experience. This experience is exactly what it sounds like – live webcam shows facilitated by stunning models. These models all have their own cam setup in their homes, adding a real sense of authenticity to the proceedings.

Viewers can browse countless red-hot creators through Jerkmate’s website, each showing up with an HD thumbnail highlighting precisely what they look like. However, Jerkmate makes the decision-making process even easier by presenting a ‘Find Your Perfect Jerkoff Partner’ quiz, whereby viewers can answer questions to be presented with cam models that suit their deepest desires.

Jerkmate’s lineup of creators is akin to the hottest Instagram models, with most boasting jaw-dropping bodies and incredible good looks. There’s also an endless selection of categories, ranging from Latina to BBW. Jerkmate is even extremely fetish-friendly, meaning fans of femdom or cuckold play can find someone to meet their needs.

Jerkmate live cams

Viewing Jerkmate videos is intuitive and user-friendly, with all cam shows facilitated in glorious HD. Each model has an in-depth bio below their live feed, detailing what viewers can expect when watching their show. This bio also presents the model’s height, weight, ethnicity, kinks, and more.

Importantly, our Jerkmate review found that all cam shows are free to view, although those looking to watch private shows must pay for Gold – Jerkmate’s native token. One Gold token equates to $1, with each cam model having their own price for private shows, usually expressed on a per-minute basis. However, private shows are optional, meaning viewers don’t need to splash the cash if they don’t want to! Videos

Those interested in checking out XXX-rated Jerkmate pornstars can also browse the ‘Videos’ section of the website. Unlike the live cams, the content in this section is pre-recorded and much like what users would find on porn websites. The great thing is that these videos are all free to watch – although they require the user to create an account beforehand.

Thankfully the account creation process is speedy and can be completed in seconds, meaning users aren’t hindered when wishing to view Jerkmate’s sensational porn library. This library, titled ‘’, contains almost everything a viewer may want to see.

Jerkmate porn

Categories include teen, MILF, mature, brunette, Asian, Latina, and so much more. There’s also an exciting mixture of amateur and professional content, all filmed in full HD. Like the live cam feature, all of Jerkmate’s porn videos have a preview thumbnail that provides a taste of the entire thing.

There’s even Jerkmate gay porn, ensuring absolutely everyone is catered to. Moreover, new porn videos are added near-daily, with viewers able to filter the category by upload time to uncover the freshest content!

Jerkmate Games

Sex games are often found on the best hookup sites and offer an entertaining alternative to live or pre-recorded shows. Interestingly, Jerkmate also has two red-hot interactive games for viewers to get involved with – both of which can be played for free!

The Jerkmate interactive section pledges to “take your pleasure to the next level” by offering adult roleplaying games (RPGs) that allow games to fulfil their deepest fantasies. These Jerkmate games are designed to be played solo or with a willing partner, with the gameplay focused on providing pleasure at a pace that suits each player.

Jerkmate sex games

Jerkmate’s two main games are ‘Roleplay’ and ‘Command and Obey’. The former allows gamers to select a character, ranging from college girl to gamer-girl, which can then be interacted with and stripped naked! Each character is modelled off of a specific pornstar, so gamers will be sure to find someone they love.

The latter Jerkmate game follows a similar pattern yet is more XXX-rated and enables gamers to see their favourite pornstars use dildos, buttplugs, and other sex toys. Command and Obey even features gay Jerkmate models, trans performers, and couples, with over 50 ‘characters’ to choose from! 

Adult Chat Rooms

Finally, like many of the best findom sites, Jerkmate has a chat room feature that allows viewers to interact with their favourite performers. This feature is built into the live cam experience, enabling viewers to send text-based messages that the performer will read in real-time.

Those looking to chat with performers must create a free account, although this only requires a valid email address, a username (called a ‘nickname’), and a payment method. Once an account has been created, viewers can send instant messages using the chat box that will also be seen by others.

As noted earlier in our Jerkmate review, those that purchase Gold can also pay for private shows. Viewers can chat privately with the performer during these shows – although others can also pay to view the show. Those seeking a truly personal experience can opt for ‘Exclusive Chats’, which no other members are able to join.

Categories & Fetishes on Jerkmate

Many Jerkmate Reddit reviews focus on the massive number of categories and fetishes featured on the site. Let’s take a closer look at these categories and the specifics of what they offer:


Like most cam sites, female performers make up the bulk of the model library. A glance at Jerkmate’s ‘Girls’ section will highlight that there are over 18,000 registered cam models on the site, ensuring viewers always have options! However, only a small percentage of these models will be online at any one time.

Jerkmate cam girls

Jerkmate’s lineup of female models is incredible, with pretty much every category covered. Most of these models boast exceptional good looks and amazing bodies, which they aren’t afraid to show off through uncensored sex shows. Our Jerkmate review also found that the site features models of pretty much every age, race, and body type – something that’s rarely seen with other cam sites!

Popular Women Categories:

  • Teen (18+)
  • MILF
  • Mature
  • Latina
  • Ebony
  • Asian
  • BBW
  • Big Tits
  • Femdom
  • Cosplay
  • JOI
  • Cuckold
  • BDSM


There is also an array of gay Jerkmate categories, which we’re sure will entice an entire demographic of users. Most cam sites focus solely on straight content, so this truly sets Jerkmate apart from many of its rivals.

Like the female section, the ‘Guys’ section offers something for everyone. Whether it’s chubby, black, or anything in between, Jerkmate has it covered!

Popular Gay Categories:

  • Young (18+)
  • Mature
  • Grandpa
  • Black
  • Asian
  • Chubby
  • Muscle
  • Hairy
  • Daddy
  • Big Cock
  • BBC


Many Jerkmate reviews also highlight that the site features a vast selection of live shows facilitated by couples. Again, this is an area that many sites don’t tend to focus on, yet Jerkmate ensures there’s always an appropriate number of live couple’s cams to suit any tastes.

Jerkmate couples cams

Naturally, these cam shows often feature straight or gay couples performing sex acts on each other. Viewers can also filter these couples’ cams based on the specific actions they’re looking to see. For example, Jerkmate has dedicated filters for ‘BDSM’ and ‘Blowjob’ couples cams.

Popular Couples Categories:

  • Gay
  • BDSM
  • Lesbian
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • Blowjob
  • Naked


More and more of the best OnlyFans accounts now feature trans models – and Jerkmate looks to cater to those interested in this exciting category. There are over 3,000 trans models registered on Jerkmate, hailing from countries worldwide.

Jerkmate has no judgement or discrimination in this area, so anyone can create a live cam account and become a model. This is one of the significant themes noted during our Jerkmate review, meaning this popular site is an excellent option for those seeking fetish or kink-friendly content.

Popular Trans Categories:

  • Black
  • Asian
  • Latina
  • Caucasian
  • Hairy
  • BBW
  • Anal


Finally, there are also many Jerkmate models that don’t fit into the other four categories noted above. Again, Jerkmate doesn’t discriminate and ensures these models are displayed just as publicly as the others.

Popular Other Categories:

  • FTM
  • Crossdresser
  • Ladyboy
  • Smoke
  • Latex
  • Sissy 

Jerkmate Pornstars

As mentioned earlier, a free Jerkmate account will provide uncensored access to, the site’s library of pre-recorded porn content. Although much of this content is amateur, many videos feature well-known pornstars that we’re sure viewers will love.

However, the feature that really stands out is Jerkmate’s ‘Pornstars’ tab, located at the top of each screen. By clicking this tab, users will be taken to an A-Z list of every pornstar featured on the site. At the time of writing, there are over 110 pornstars to choose from, such as Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik, and Eva Elfie.

Jerkmate pornstars

Users can click on a specific pornstar to be taken to their bio page, dominated by an interactive game where users can strip and ‘order’ the model to perform specific actions. An account is required to access the full experience, with certain actions also demanding that users spend some Gold.

Aside from the interactive game, each pornstar’s bio page also features a gallery of XXX-rated photos that can be viewed for free. There’s even a section dedicated to the model’s height, weight, ethnicity, and ‘kinky attributes’ – along with a lengthy story section that details how each model came to be involved in the adult entertainment industry!

Is Jerkmate Free?

Perhaps the best aspect of the whole Jerkmate experience is that the site is entirely free to use. When users visit the homepage, they can instantly access Jerkmate’s full range of cam models. However, after a short period, the model’s live show will be covered with a filter that can only be removed by creating a free account.

As mentioned earlier, this account requires an email address, a ‘nickname’, and a valid payment method. Creating an account has no monthly subscription price, although Jerkmate may charge a small authorization fee. This fee is usually around $2 and will be refunded within 7 to 14 days.

Jerkmate price

Aside from free Jerkmate live cams, those with an account can also access the site’s library of porn videos. This library includes exciting sex games that can be played through the user’s browser application.

The only area where Jerkmate is not free is when it comes to ‘Gold’ – the site’s native token. Gold is used to give tips to specific models or pay for private/exclusive shows. Notably, deciding to buy Gold or not is entirely optional, although models are more likely to produce top-notch content if their viewers are dishing out regular tips!

Prices for Jerkmate Subscriptions

Accessing Jerkmate roleplay games, viewing live cam shows, and watching pre-recorded porn videos only requires a free account – no monthly subscription fee is charged. Signing up for free will provide the user with a ‘Premium Account’, which is entirely unpaid and enables users to benefit from the whole Jerkmate experience.

However, as noted in the previous section, users can also buy Gold tokens to pay for private/exclusive shows, cam-to-cam sessions and exclusive fan club content. One Gold token equates to $1, with users able to purchase as many Gold tokens as they’d like.

Once Gold has been bought, users can request a private/exclusive show from the model they’re interested in. Each model will have their own price-per-minute, although many have ‘block sessions’ set up, which provide hefty discounts for those looking to view private shows for 15 minutes or more.

Importantly, if the show continues past the block session timeframe, the viewer will be charged at the model’s standard per-minute rate. It’s wise to keep this in mind, as excited viewers may end up spending a lot more than they’d anticipated if they’re immersed in a raunchy private show!

Is Jerkmate Legit & Safe?

Many Jerkmate reviews also focus on the level of safety the site offers. Given the nature of the site’s content, viewers may have legitimate concerns about how secure their data and payment information are. Fortunately, Jerkmate has a long-running reputation within the adult entertainment industry and has never been the subject of a hacking or cyberattack attempt.

Jerkmate safety

Moreover, Jerkmate never sells or distributes account holder data to third parties, so users don’t need to worry about being inundated with junk emails! Jerkmate doesn’t even require a phone number or home address to create an account – and account holders can opt to delete and erase their personal data at any time. 

Conclusion – Is Jerkmate Worth it?

So, before we round off this Jerkmate review, is the site worth checking out? In our opinion, the answer to this is a resounding yes! Jerkmate has an unparalleled selection of super-hot models hailing from every category imaginable – all able to be watched without paying a cent.

There’s also a vast library of Jerkmate porn videos just waiting to be watched, featuring some of the world’s most famous pornstars. As if that wasn’t enough, Jerkmate also has two interactive sex games that are free to play. Again, these feature many pornstars that viewers will know and love, providing an immersive way to check out their bodies intimately.

Ultimately, we agreed with the Jerkmate Reddit reviews that highlight how well-rounded this site is. Whether a viewer is interested in raunchy Latina pornstars or brand-new amateur blondes, Jerkmate will meet their needs. All of this (and more) can be accessed for free – what’s not to love?

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