Watching live cam girls (and cam boys) has become one of the most popular methods of sourcing adult content since it allows real-time interaction that can’t be obtained by watching pre-recorded videos. Given this trend, Chaturbate is now widely used due to its immense selection of red-hot models and sex chat features, making it the ‘go-to’ for millions worldwide.

With that in mind, this Chaturbate review covers everything readers need to know about this raunchy site. We’ll explore the features Chaturbate has, the type of models that go live on the platform, the platform’s safety level, how much it costs, and much more!

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate logoFirst thing first – what is Chaturbate? In simple terms, Chaturbate is an online website that allows viewers to watch live broadcasts of amateur models performing uncensored sex shows. Viewers can chat with the models whilst the show is ongoing through a built-in chat box, all via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Chaturbate’s unparalleled lineup of models has made it one of the best adult cam sites globally. According to various reports, Chaturbate receives over 475 million visitors each month, meaning it is just behind the likes of Pornhub, XNXX, and XVideos when it comes to adult content websites in the US.

Chaturbate review

The Chaturbate live experience is why the site has become the best VR cam girl site since it allows viewers to watch real-time cam shows for free. No account is required to watch these shows, although those seeking a more immersive experience can purchase tokens. These tokens can then be used to tip models or even pay for a private show!

Given this setup, Chaturbate is a viable alternative to the best porn sites and is an excellent source of adult entertainment for people throughout the globe. What’s more, Chaturbate has a long-standing reputation for safety and doesn’t sell user data or track their location.

What Does Chaturbate Offer?

In this section of our Chaturbate review, we’ll take a closer look at the key services that the site offers. Like many other cam sites, Chaturbate has several features that make the viewing experience engaging and user-friendly. As mentioned earlier, nearly all of these features can be accessed for free – which is why Chaturbate is one of the most popular adult content sites globally!

With that in mind, let’s explore the intricacies of the Chaturbate app in more detail:

Live Cam Shows

As expected, the main focus of our Chaturbate review is the site’s incredible selection of live cam shows. These shows are unlike the videos hosted on the best free porn sites, as they’re facilitated in real-time and enable viewers to interact with the model. Most shows are filmed in the model’s house, meaning Chaturbate is an ideal option for those seeking truly amateur content.

A glance at Chaturbate’s homepage will highlight the remarkable number of live cam models to choose from. These models come from pretty much every category there is, including Latina, MILF, BBW, teen, mature, and more. There’s also a massive array of gay Chaturbate models, ensuring this site caters to all sexual preferences. 

Chaturbate live cams

All Chaturbate models will show up with a thumbnail providing a ‘preview’ of what’s happening during the show. This thumbnail refreshes every 30 seconds or so, meaning viewers can instantly decide whether it’s worth checking out a specific broadcast. Each model also has specific ‘tags’ below their name, which we’ll explore further in the next section.

The actual act of viewing these cam shows is top-notch since each show is filmed in full HD. Viewers can decrease the video quality if they wish (e.g. if their internet speed is slow), and the site can even be accessed on mobile devices. In fact, the mobile version works pretty much the same as the laptop-based version. 

Like the best sugar daddy apps, Chaturbate allows users to chat instantly with others through the chat box feature. Chatting requires users to create a free account, although there’s also scope to pay for tokens for ‘private shows’. We’ll discuss this feature later since it represents the pinnacle of the Chaturbate interactive experience!

Tagging Feature

Finding Chaturbate porn to watch can be tricky, especially since there are tens of thousands of registered cam models to choose from! Thankfully, Chaturbate has created a handy ‘tagging’ feature that helps viewers find the type of content they’re interested in. This feature can be used regardless of whether the viewer has an account or not.

The way this works is that pretty much all live cam shows will have certain ‘tags’ baked into the title. These tags define what is going on during the show without viewers having to click on a live broadcast and spend time watching. Some examples of popular tags include #asian, #bigboobs, #hairy, and #MILF.

Chaturbate categories

The great thing is that viewers can use the ‘Tags’ tab at the top of the screen to search for live Chaturbate videos associated with specific tags. For example, if someone is interested in watching ebony hotties performing sex shows, they can simply click the #ebony tag to be presented with every live broadcast currently ongoing!

Viewing the Tags section will also highlight which hashtags are the most popular at any given moment and how many models are live using that specific hashtag. However, during our Chaturbate review, we found that many models use inaccurate hashtags (e.g. using #teen when they aren’t teens), so looking out for this is essential.

Lovense Sex Toys

Although there are no dedicated Chaturbate games to play, the site does offer another route towards a fully-interactive experience. This is through the ‘Lovense’ feature, which is a Bluetooth-powered sex toy that is controllable by live show viewers.

Lovense is one of the features that sets Chaturbate apart from the best Telegram nude groups and top porn sites, as it provides a truly personalized experience that’s hard to beat. The feature allows viewers to ‘control’ the sex toy by providing tips, thereby giving the cam girl (or cam guy) pleasure.

Lovense sex toy

These Lovense devices can be linked to the model’s Chaturbate account, meaning that it will vibrate whenever a tip is given. Most models will have a ‘tip goal’ set at a precise number of tokens – once this goal is reached, the model will perform a specific action (e.g. ‘go topless’ or ‘squirt show’).

The great thing is that those looking to get involved for free don’t actually have to dish out tips. It’s possible to simply wait for other viewers to do the hard work to reach the tip goal, although this can sometimes take a while during periods of low viewership!

Private Shows

The free Chaturbate experience is undoubtedly the most popular since most people opt to hop on and find content quickly, rather than search for ages to uncover specific models. However, those seeking something extra can pay for private shows using purchased tokens.

Private shows are precisely what they sound like – one-to-one cam shows between the model and the viewer. Each model will have their own ‘price-per-minute’ structure, which usually ranges from 6 tokens per minute, all the way up to 90 tokens per minute.

Chaturbate private shows

During these shows, viewers can receive a fully-customized experience and ask the model to perform specific acts – assuming they’re happy to do so. The model will cater all of her communication to the sole viewer and will usually continue staying ‘private’ until the viewer is ready to go back to the public domain or runs out of tokens.

However, as noted in many Chaturbate reviews, these private shows can be ‘spied on’ by other users. Again, this will mean the user must spend tokens, although the price is usually slightly lower than the entire show. Interestingly, Chaturbate even has a ‘Private Shows’ tab for those seeking this specific feature.

Categories & Fetishes on Chaturbate

A standout element of most Chaturbate Reddit reviews is the endless lineup of categories on offer. Let’s take a closer look at these categories and what type of jaw-dropping content viewers can expect to see:


Like most adult cam sites, female cam models are by far and away the most prevalent. Chaturbate users can instantly be shown all of the live female performers by clicking the ‘Women’ tab on the homepage, which automatically sorts these performers based on the number of active viewers they have.

Chaturbate camgirls

Many Chaturbate female performers have similar aesthetics to the hottest Instagram models, so we’re sure viewers will find something they like! Moreover, since there are usually 1,000+ models online at any given moment, those seeking kink-friendly shows will not be hampered in their search.

Popular Women Categories:

  • Asian
  • Big Boobs
  • Mature
  • Ebony
  • Latina
  • MILF
  • Hairy
  • BBW
  • Squirt
  • Skinny


Similar to what we noted in our Jerkmate review, Chaturbate also has a comprehensive lineup of gay cam models just waiting to be watched. In fact, the Chaturbate gay section is one of the largest we’ve seen, ensuring all sexualities are catered to.

Again, this section can be filtered based on specific traits and kinks. Whether a viewer is interested in finding a BBC, Indian, or chubby model, Chaturbate has them covered!

Popular Gay Categories

  • Indian
  • Big Cock
  • Asian
  • BBC
  • Hairy
  • Muscle
  • FemBoy
  • Daddy
  • Twink


During our Chaturbate review, we noticed that the site also has a vast array of couples cams available to view. Most of these cams are focused on B/G action, although some showcase G/G or B/B content.

Chaturbate couples cams

These cams are often more XXX-rated than solo shows since they usually revolve around two people (or more) performing sex acts on each other. Given the nature of the content, the ‘tip goals’ for these shows are higher than those for solo shows.

Popular Couples Categories:

  • Anal
  • New
  • Deepthroat
  • BDSM
  • Mature 


There’s also a vast selection of trans Chaturbate models, which highlights how all-inclusive the site is. These models are displayed just as publicly as the straight/gay models and can be easily found by clicking the ‘Trans’ tab on the homepage.

During our Chaturbate review, we noticed that there were more than 300 trans models online at any given time, meaning this site is the perfect option for those interested in this niche.

Popular Trans Categories:

  • Anal
  • Anime
  • Big Cock
  • Mistress
  • FemBoy
  • Feet


Finally, many Chaturbate pornstars don’t fit into a specific category – yet this doesn’t mean they fall by the wayside! On the contrary, Chaturbate makes these models accessible through the ‘tags’ feature we described earlier. Moreover, these models are often featured on the ‘Discover’ tab, which highlights the most popular ongoing shows. 

Popular Other Categories:

  • Chastity
  • Sissy
  • Cosplay
  • Slave
  • Smoke
  • Roleplay

Chaturbate Pornstars

Those interested in Chaturbate roleplay may be keen to know whether the site has any pornstars active on it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case since Chaturbate is almost exclusively used by amateur performers. These performers don’t tend to have pre-recorded content on third-party porn sites, meaning those seeking ‘professional’ sex shows will need to look elsewhere.

However, viewers interested in authentic amateur content will find Chaturbate the perfect site to suit their requirements. Although the cam models on this site can’t be defined as ‘pornstars’, they all have a fully-fledged bio detailing what they’re about. This bio contains information about their height, weight, ethnicity, kinks, and more.

Chaturbate pornstars

Interestingly, Chaturbate offers a similar service to the best OnlyFans accounts since many models will upload XXX-rated photos and videos to their bios. Sometimes these videos will be free to view, whereas other times, the viewer must fork out a specific number of tokens to get involved! 

Is Chaturbate Free?

One of the critical components of our Chaturbate review is how much it costs to actually use the site. As mentioned earlier, accessing Chaturbate and viewing live cam shows is completely free. Moreover, viewers aren’t even required to create a Chaturbate account to view these shows – they can be accessed instantly from the homepage!

However, viewers must create a free Chaturbate account to participate in the chat box feature. Creating an account takes less than two minutes and only requires a valid email address, a username, and a password. Viewers will also have to enter their gender and provide their date of birth to ensure they’re over 18 years old.

Those seeking an even more immersive experience can opt to purchase tokens. Tokens are Chaturbate’s on-site currency used to tip models or participate in private shows. Chaturbate’s current token price structure is as follows: 

  • 100 tokens = $10.99
  • 200 tokens = $20.99
  • 500 tokens = $44.99
  • 750 tokens = $62.99
  • 1,000 tokens = $79.99

As shown above, the more tokens a viewer purchases, the bigger the discount they’ll receive. Tokens can be purchased using a credit/debit card, wire transfer, certified check, money order, or Bitcoin.

Prices for Chaturbate Subscription

It’s easy to access free Chaturbate live shows using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – without even having to create an account. Moreover, as touched on above, users can also pay for tokens that can be used to send tips to models or access private shows.

However, some viewers may want something unique, especially if they use Chaturbate regularly. Thankfully, Chaturbate has a ‘Supporter Membership’, which costs $19.95 per month and is billed on a recurring basis. This membership provides several handy benefits that help improve the viewing experience.

Chaturbate subscription

These benefits include a clean interface with no ads, the ability to send instant private messages to cam models, and even unique text chat features that show up in public chat rooms. As if that wasn’t enough, newcomers to the Supporter Membership tier will receive 200 free tokens, valued at $20.99.

Finally, Chaturbate also has a ‘Fan Club’ feature, whereby viewers can pay a monthly fee to become ‘fans’ of their favourite cam models. Each model will charge their own price point for this service, although it can be a valuable option as fans will gain unfiltered access to the model’s exclusive content and have a green username in their chat box! 

Is Chaturbate Legit & Safe?

Although the Chaturbate live experience is undoubtedly top-notch, is the site safe to use? Put simply, Chaturbate is one of the safest adult content sites on the web, backed by over a decade of experience with no evidence of any cyberattacks occurring. Given Chaturbate’s household reputation, the site has enormous credibility within the space, which can’t be said of many other porn platforms,

Chaturbate safety

Chaturbate doesn’t require extensive personal information for those that wish to create a free account, meaning there’s minimal risk of sensitive data being leaked. Moreover, Chaturbate doesn’t provide user data to third parties and ensures that models upload legit identification to prove they’re over 18.

Users also don’t need to worry about Chaturbate knowing their location, as the site doesn’t employ a tracking mechanism on account holders or free viewers. Finally, account holders can easily (and instantly) delete their personal data at any time they wish, which contrasts with other sites that make people jump through hoops just to remove their information.

Conclusion – Is Chaturbate Worth it?

Wrapping up this Chaturbate review, is it worth checking out this site? Given the jaw-dropping nature of the site’s cam models, we feel it definitely is. Although there’s no dedicated Chaturbate game to play, the site makes up for this with a free HD viewing experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

There are countless Chaturbate porn streams and sex shows just waiting to be viewed, with models hailing from almost every category imaginable. Those seeking a more immersive experience can even buy tokens to tip models and partake in private shows – the possibilities are truly endless!

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