Findom, short for ‘financial domination’, is one of the most popular segments of the BDSM scene. This involves a submissive, usually the male, giving over control over their finances to a dominant female. However, finding the appropriate party to engage in these transactions can sometimes be challenging!

Not to worry – our handy guide discusses the best findom sites of 2023. We’ll review ten top sites, touching on what they offer and how much they cost, before detailing the key factors to consider when searching for an online dom-sub relationship.

The 10 Best Findom Websites for 2023

Due to the nature of findom, finding a trustworthy partner is a crucial determinant of a long-term relationship. With that in mind, listed below are ten of the best paypig sites for finding authentic dommes, all of which will be reviewed in the following section:

  1. French VanillaBest Findom Girl for Paypigs with No Limits
  2. Ashley MadisonSuper-Popular Dating Site for Finding Findom Paypig Relationships
  3. IWantClips.comOne of the Top Paypig Sites for Making Safe Tributes to Dommes
  4. FetLife – BDSM-Focused Dating Site Perfect for Finding a Suitable Domme
  5. NiteFlirt – Top-Notch Phone Sex Site with Thriving BDSM Community
  6. – Long-Running Findom Website with 700,000+ Monthly Visitors
  7. SugarDaddyMeet – Findom Dating Site Focusing On Rich & Powerful Paypigs
  8. Duno – Huge Online Forum Used to Pair Paypigs & Dommes Together
  9. BDSMdatingonly – Popular Findom Fetish Website with Thriving Community
  10. – Luxury Online Dating Site Boasting Millions of Attractive Dommes to Chat With

Top Paypig Sites Reviewed

Much like finding the best OnlyFans accounts, determining which findom website to use can dictate the nature of the user experience. Fortunately, all the paypig websites listed above have been thoroughly vetted through extensive research and analysis, ensuring they cater to a broad range of needs and wants. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the best paypig websites:

1. French Vanilla – Best Findom on OnlyFans 

Topping our list of the best findom sites is French Vanilla. The first thing to note about French Vanilla is that, rather than being a fully-fledged findom website, she’s actually an individual creator on OnlyFans. However, given that this findom goddess is more than happy to engage in dom-sub relationships, we feel she’s a fantastic addition to our list.

French Vanilla currently operates one of the best OnlyFans Reddit accounts, amassing over 3,200 likes in a matter of weeks. This busty bombshell charges just $7.99 monthly to access her racy content; however, new users only need to pay $4 during the first 28 days!

French Vanilla OnlyFans

Her content will appeal to various fetishes, as she posts regular nude selfies, body part ratings, JOI videos, full-length sex tapes, and much more. French Vanilla also notes in her bio that she’s kink-friendly and open to producing cosplay content. This setup means fans can send over custom requests which she’s more than likely to accept – assuming a tip is attached.

Those looking to engage in findom chat will receive rapid replies with French Vanilla, as this super-hot creator is online almost all day. She’s open to building relationships with paypigs of all different kinds – nothing is off-limits! Moreover, since all transactions can be handled through the OnlyFans platform, paypigs can rest assured that any tributes will be received and scams will be avoided.

2. Ashley Madison – Super-Popular Dating Site for Finding Findom Paypig Relationships

One of the most popular findom websites globally is Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is viewed as the best dating app for those interested in seeking an affair, yet it has gone through a transition phase whereby it now caters to various fetishes. Findom is just one of these fetishes, making it a suitable option for paypigs seeking a domme.

Since Ashley Madison caters to users with a high level of wealth and status, the site is an excellent medium for paypigs and dommes to interact and forge a relationship. Furthermore, Ashley Madison has built up a top-notch reputation regarding safety – and with all users able to remain anonymous, this ensures that paypigs are able to keep their desires private.

Ashley Madison

Those with a findom fetish will find it easy to browse through the array of beautiful women on the site, as Ashley Madison’s user interface is one of the best on our list. However, it’s important to note that messaging is only free for women – men will need to buy credits to send/read messages, priced at $49.90 for 100 credits.

3. – One of the Top Paypig Sites for Making Safe Tributes to Dommes

One of the best cam sites that caters to those with a findom fetish is Put simply, is an online platform where creators/models can sell pieces of adult content that they’ve created. For example, this could be photos, videos, audio files, PDFs, one-on-one voice calls – and much more! is one of the best paypig sites because it has a feature whereby paypigs can send tributes of up to $10,000 to their chosen female. The site accepts checks, wire transfers, and ACH deposits, with a $25 minimum payment required. With over 30,000 creators on the platform, it’s easy for a paypig to find a domme that suits their needs. has a handy search functionality whereby paypigs can search for a specific artist by name, activity level, or time on the platform. The great thing about this findom app is that each creator has a comprehensive bio detailing what content they offer, how much their content costs, and how paypigs can get in touch!

4. FetLife – BDSM-Focused Dating Site Perfect for Finding a Suitable Domme

FetLife describes itself as “the most popular social network for the BDSM, fetish, and kinky community”. This handy online platform boasts over 10.5m members and hosts more than 71m photos/videos, making it one of the world’s top fetish-friendly networks.

Essentially, FetLife is a combination of a dating app and a social network, aiming to match users with a partner that suits their needs and wants. Whether it’s straight or gay findom a user is into, FetLife’s algorithm usually hits the mark. What’s more, it’s completely free to sign up to FetLife – although there’s also a ‘Premium’ version that provides access to an array of findom porn videos!


Another significant aspect of FetLife is that it’s safe to use, and since the site specifically targets the BDSM community, users never need to feel like they’re being judged. Once a paypig finds their ‘perfect match’, engaging in conversation and setting up a mutually beneficial relationship through the platform is easy! 

5. NiteFlirt – Top-Notch Phone Sex Site with Thriving BDSM Community

Another of the best paypig sites to consider checking out is NiteFlirt. NiteFlirt occupies a unique area of the BDSM niche, as rather than being a fully-fledged dating site or cam site, it’s a platform for facilitating paid phone/video calls. The people that produce these calls, called ‘Flirts’, determine their own rates, which are usually charged by the minute.

The reason this is one of the best findom sites is that paypigs can utilize the ‘flirt button’ to instantly chat with others and establish a relationship. Many of the ‘Flirts’ that offer services on NiteFlirt are kink-friendly – and they can easily be found by clicking the ‘BDSM’ tab. Moreover, these creators can be filtered based on their price, availability, rating, and other key characteristics.


Acting as a paypig chat room, NiteFlirt makes it easy to construct a dom-sub relationship, which can then be taken onto other platforms. Importantly, each creator has a comprehensive bio page that showcases precisely what kinks they’re into. This page usually features plenty of red-hot photos to entice paypigs – which is great as it immediately highlights exactly what’s on offer!

6. – Long-Running Findom Website with 700,000+ Monthly Visitors

Those wishing to be a findom slave can quickly and easily find a willing partner by signing up for is one of the most established BDSM websites globally, boasting over 700,000 monthly visitors. The site essentially acts as a ‘bridge’ to bring dommes and paypigs together whilst offering a safe and secure way to facilitate payments.

One of the best features of this findom app is that paypigs can satisfy their dommes in various ways. Naturally, tributes are the most common, yet also allows paypigs to set up ‘tithes’. This will see 10% of the paypig’s paycheck instantly sent to the domme each month – no manual transfer is required!

This setup makes a viable alternative to findom OnlyFans creators, as the hands-off approach is ideal for those with full-time jobs. Importantly, payments made through aren’t facilitated in USD – they’re made using credits. As such, paypigs must buy credits beforehand to pay their dommes, with taking a small cut of each transaction.

7. SugarDaddyMeet – Findom Dating Site Focusing On Rich & Powerful Paypigs

One of the best findom sites for those with high wealth and status is SugarDaddyMeet. SugarDaddyMeet specifically targets rich older men looking for younger dommes to build relationships with. Acting as a sort of ‘dating app’, SugarDaddyMeet’s powerful algorithm usually makes the right choice when pairing two users together.

This site boasts over 5.6m “attractive women”, meaning there’s almost certain to be someone for everyone! SugarDaddyMeet is also great when it comes to safety, as most members are verified, which also pushes their profiles to the top. Moreover, SugarDaddyMeet has a handy search function whereby paypigs can narrow down the potential dommes based on ethnicity, location, age, and more.


As such, those seeking an Asian findom mistress or those interested in findom feet can easily find someone to fulfil their deepest desires. Notably, SugarDaddyMeet doesn’t help facilitate tributes directly through the website – so paypigs will need to ensure an authentic relationship has been built before taking it off-platform. 

8. Duno – Huge Online Forum Used to Pair Paypigs & Dommes Together

Another of the best paypig sites for those seeking a trustworthy domme is Duno. Duno’s user interface may seem outdated, but don’t let this detract from the services offered. This online forum is a popular place for paypigs to create a profile and post in BDSM-focused communities specifying precisely what they’re looking for.

Since Duno has a reputation for being used to forge findom relationships, paypigs will usually be able to find a suitable domme in rapid time. Those interested in findom blackmail can also use Duno, as messaging is free and secure.

Duno findom

Like many findom sites, Duno allows paypigs and dommes to construct user profiles that highlight who they are, what they look like, and which kinks they’re into. This is an important aspect, as it saves a bunch of time since paypigs can filter out dommes that don’t fit their requirements. Again, like SugarDaddyMeet above, payments will need to be made off-platform.

9. BDSMdatingonly – Popular Findom Fetish Website with Thriving Community

As the name suggests, BDSMdatingonly is an online dating website tailored to the BDSM community. Whether someone is searching for an ebony findom mistress via the best black porn sites or a mistress from a specific part of the world, BDSMdatingonly has it covered since this website receives over 1.3m monthly visitors.

The great thing about this site is that users can enter whether they’re a submissive or a domme right away, after which BDSMdatingonly’s robust algorithm will get to work finding appropriate partners. Like many dating apps, BDSMdatingonly’s main features will be locked behind a paywall. Since messaging is one of these features, paypigs must pay the $19.95 fee per month to contact dommes.


However, those who opt to pay for the ‘Gold’ membership, which costs $29.95 per month, will gain access to features that make finding a dom-sub relationship easy. These features include extra-large profile photos, full access to members’ recorded videos, 24/7 phone support, and even the ability to contact new members before anyone else!

10. – Luxury Online Dating Site Boasting Millions of Attractive Dommes to Chat With

Rounding off our list of the best paypig sites is Like many entries on our list, is a comprehensive dating website designed to pair users together. However, has carved out a unique niche for itself since it focuses explicitly on ‘luxury’ and ‘elevated experiences’. 

Paypigs looking to present findom tips will easily be able to find a willing partner, since has over 40m users across 130 countries. Importantly, targets “attractive” and “successful” individuals, which may seem a little exclusionary initially, but it ensures that the people using the platform are desirable. also ensures a high level of safety by allowing users to verify themselves, which sees their profile show up with a verification badge. This is an excellent feature for paypigs, as it means they can be sure that the domme they’re partnering with is trustworthy before taking the relationship offline.

What is a Findom Paypig?

Now that we’ve discussed an array of the top paypig websites, let’s dive in and explore the intricacies of the findom experience a little more. As noted in the intro, ‘findom’ is short for ‘financial domination’ and represents one of the most significant segments of the BDSM community. 

The concept of findom revolves around power exchange, whereby the submissive (usually the male) gives up power to the ‘domme’ (usually the female). Although most discussions refer to the dom-sub relationship in heterosexual terms, homosexual findom setups are also a firm part of the subculture.

Findom paypig

The submissive in the findom relationship is referred to as a ‘paypig’. This is because findom relationships tend to involve the paypig transferring money to the domme as an act of submission. Money transfers are usually manual transactions when the domme demands them, or automatic transactions that instantly come from a paypigs paycheck (called ‘tithes’).

Since this fetish is part of the BDSM niche, dommes usually ‘force’ their paypigs to hand over the cash. This essentially becomes a form of erotic humiliation, which is mutually beneficial to both parties. In fact, some dommes even control what the paypig uses their own money for – and may even ask for receipts to prove that the paypig hasn’t been buying items they’re not supposed to!

Due to the nature of this relationship, using one of the best findom sites is crucial, as there’s always the possibility of fake accounts and scams. Fortunately, all of the findom websites noted in this guide have been vetted and are safe for both paypigs and dommes, making it easy to find a willing partner.

How to Find the Best Findom Sites

Like finding the best OnlyFans leaks, or the best porn sites, identifying which findom website to use can be challenging – as there are now so many to choose from! To help streamline the decision-making process, detailed below are six crucial factors to bear in mind when selecting a paypig platform: 

Selection of Dommes

One of the most critical findom tips to remember is to choose a site/platform with a good selection of dommes. This is pretty self-explanatory, as since most people’s desires are subjective, choosing somewhere with an abundance of options can make all the difference!

Level of Safety & Security

Another key consideration is the level of safety and security that a website has. Given the nature of the dom-sub relationship, choosing a site that enables paypigs to make secure payments to dommes is vital. Many sites have specific features that permit this, although some, such as OnlyFans, allow payments between users and creators via tips.

The best paypig sites also ensure that customers’ details are protected and that users on the platform are verified. This latter point is crucial since it helps paypigs avoid fake/scam accounts that attempt to steal their money.

Free vs Paid Platforms

Most of the best findom sites listed in this guide are free to sign up for, much like the best free porn sites, yet some have premium features that require a monthly payment. The sites that require payment tend to be dating sites, with these premium features usually revolving around the ability to send/receive messages without a hitch. For those looking for the best free porn sites, our Chaturbate review has everything you need to know about accessing free adult content right now from the comfort of your own home.

Although finding a paypig app on iPhone or Android can be tricky, these apps usually aren’t a necessity – as both free and paid platforms have intuitive user interfaces. This means that paypigs can access them through their smartphone’s browser in the same way they would on their laptop or computer.

Best findom paypig sites

Type of Community

It’s also essential to evaluate the type of community a specific website caters to. All of the websites noted in this guide are designed to accommodate those interested in BDSM – with a particular focus on findom. As such, paypigs that use these sites can feel confident that they won’t be judged by other community members when searching for a domme.

Method of Making Tributes

Several paypig sites reviewed in this guide have specific setups for paypigs to make monetary transactions to their dommes. For example, allows paypigs to fund their accounts using checks, wire transfers, or ACH transfers. Once the account has been funded, paypigs can use the balance to purchase credits, which they can send to dommes instantly.


Finally, finding a findom goddess can be quite a daunting experience – especially for beginners. Fortunately, most paypig sites allow users to remain anonymous or only show their profile to their chosen domme. This feature is highly beneficial for paypigs, ensuring their kinks remain private.

Best Findom Sites – Conclusion

In conclusion, this article has taken an in-depth look at the best findom sites available in 2023, covering what they offer, how much they cost, and the features that make them ideal for pairing paypigs and dommes together.

Those seeking a trustworthy findom relationship may wish to check out French Vanilla. This findom OnlyFans creator charges $7.99 per month to access her steamy content library, with the option for paypigs to ask for custom content if they wish. 

French Vanilla is kink-friendly and available pretty much 24/7, making it easy for paypigs to build a genuine relationship with her. Since transactions are facilitated through the OnlyFans platform, all tributes are secure and free of scam potential.


What are the best findom sites?