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BambooHR is an HR management system that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities in a user-friendly package. This software, which we rate highly, has the following major features:

  • Applicant Tracking system: BambooHR features a dedicated mobile application called Bamboo Hiring, that allows you to examine candidates immediately, swiftly collaborate with hiring team members, and interact directly with applicants to speed up the overall process.
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding: Automating employee onboarding and offboarding through BambooHR’s settings enables you to easily exchange important documents and communicate responsibilities to employees when they join or leave your firm.
  • Time Tracking: Small firms with hourly workers might benefit from the time-tracking features of BambooHR. Staff can clock in and out and request time off at their convenience. With the time tracking feature, you can set paid time off (PTO), track hours worked, and approve time-off requests. 

The Low-down

What Is The Software? BambooHR

How much does it cost? Custom pricing


  • Custom pricing to fit each companies needs
  • Intuitive interface
  • Payroll data collection and tracking
  • Performance management tools


  • Video manuals instead of written documentation

Would We Recommend It? BambooHR is ideal for medium- to large-sized organizations (from 100 employees). Their HR, learning, and talent management needs provide a user-friendly solution based on SharePoint Online/On-Premise.

How does BambooHR Score?

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What Is BambooHR?

BambooHR is one of the world’s largest HR management technology vendors. Human resources (HR) and employee records were the company’s first priorities when it was established in 2008. In the years since, the platform has grown to include employee satisfaction and benefits management features. The primary focus of this service provider is small and medium-sized businesses as well as companies in the process of expansion and scaling.


BambooHR Summary

With thousands of clients globally and an easy-to-use mobile application, BambooHr software appears to be a top choice for HR professionals. Users are offered a fine selection of features accessible from a single place, such as:

  • Payroll
  • Employee Satisfaction (eNPS)
  • Performance management tools
  • Easy Integration
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Marketplace
  • Time Tracking
  • Data and Analytics

BambooHR features ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Payroll software services can be added to BambooHR for companies requiring basic payroll functions. It’s possible to get assistance with completing payroll tax returns and end-of-the-year tax paperwork. Employee earnings, hours worked, benefits, bank account information, and federal and state withholdings and deductions are all automatically synchronized.

The payroll system has reporting options that allow you to quickly and easily review crucial payroll summaries and data. BambooHR employs data encryption and constant data monitoring to keep employee information and payroll data safe.


Employee Satisfaction (eNPS)

Anonymous internal surveys are essential for improving business culture and employee satisfaction. Employee Net Promoter Scores are calculated based on your team’s answers to a series of questions. In order to categorize the input, the software looks for keyword analytics in each response.


Each of your departments and units can be filtered based on their age, employment status, duration of service, and location to discover patterns in the data. To reduce churn, increase productivity, and enhance your company’s reputation, you can analyze changes in employee satisfaction over time.

Performance Management Tools

BambooHR makes performance management easier with its review cycle and questionnaires, which let you organize employee performance evaluations throughout the year. A 30-day check-in period is an option. You can always skip or reschedule an evaluation.

Easy Integrations

Businesses can use the RESTful API to alter employee data and produce reports in a variety of formats. With BambooHR integration, you can use the open API to easily integrate other apps with your account and share your data across all of them.

You can save time with the faster automated data-sharing process between BambooHR and any accounting apps you use.

Onboarding and Offboarding

BambooHR facilitates the processes for leaving employees and helps new hires get up to speed fast and remain motivated. With a few clicks, you can make changes to your onboarding checklist and receive automatic reminders for upcoming due dates. The customizable new-hire packet allows you to quickly and easily complete all of the necessary documentation.

This HR solution provides everything you need to get your new hires up and running on Day One and leave your outgoing employees with a positive impression.


The BambooHR Marketplace has a plethora of tools and connectors for hiring and onboarding. The Marketplace also features tools for salary, benefits, and overall growing your business. All of these features are both free and paid for.

Time Tracking

By calculating total hours, overtime, paid time off (PTO), and holiday pay, BambooHR Time Tracking removes the burden of manual time tracking. Employees can use the BambooHR time tracker for mobile to punch in and out easily. Also, the time tracker’s automatic reminders allow managers to approve timesheets with a simple click of a button.

 BambooHR Time Tracking

Data and Analytics

Using BambooHR, you can quickly and easily create useful reports from your HR data. This could allow you to make smart, proactive decisions positively impacting your employees and business. In just a few minutes, you can generate a variety of HR analytics reports, just in time for that last-minute meeting, thanks to the integrated reporting features.

Our Offer

As a leading HR software system for small and medium-sized organizations, BambooHR focuses heavily on your employees, making it our top selection for performance management. Data and analytics, onboarding, hiring, remuneration, and culture are all part of this strategy. Get in contact with BambooHR today for a customized plan tailored to your unique business needs.

BambooHR user experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The ease of use of BambooHR is one of its most notable advantages. Thanks to the web-based platform, your staff may access the system from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Also, time off, perks, training, and business calendars are all accessible through the self-service site.

The dashboard is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time to learn how to apply all of its functions. If you’d rather watch a video tutorial to understand how applicant tracking and other features work, BambooHR offers a wide range of available options. Each one walks you through each feature and function.

With the BambooHR app, you can carry some of the most critical functions of BambooHR with you wherever you go. Apps for iOS and Android are available, making HR management easy to access from your mobile device.

BambooHR customer service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mondays to Fridays, all package subscribers can contact customer care through email (MT) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also, self-help articles, interactive instructions, and customer success seminars are now available on the BambooHR website.

BambooHR pricing ⭐⭐⭐⭐

BambooHR pricing depends on the number of employees and the features selected. Essentials and Advantage subscriptions are available for most small and medium-sized organizations. However, no pricing details are specified on the company website. To ask for a custom quote, visit the Quote Me! page and enter your details selecting the number of your employees. A BambooHR representative will contact you to discuss your unique needs and how the solution can help your organization.

Customers can make monthly payments with either a pre-authorized credit card or an automatic ACH withdrawal (U.S. clients only). Another payment method is to prepay for a year’s worth of services at once. In addition to credit card and ACH payments, you can pay by check or wire transfer if you prepay annually.


  • Pricing: A custom quote is required
  • Features: Benefits tracking, employee records, document storage, email alerts, standard reporting, time-off management, mobile app functionality, single sign-on, workflows, and weekday email support


  • Pricing: A custom quote is required
  • Features: Branding, advanced reporting, open API, audit trails, BambooHR Marketplace access, onboarding, training progress, offboarding, employee satisfaction gauge with eNPS, e-signatures, and weekday telephone support

You can easily compare the two options by looking at the table below.

BambooHR pricing

BambooHR pricing

BambooHR pricing

BambooHR pricing

Who Should Get BambooHR?

BambooHR is ideal for medium- to large-sized organizations (from 100 employees). Their HR, learning, and talent management needs provide a user-friendly solution based on SharePoint Online/On-Premise.

Overall, a small business should consider using the Online Essential or Plus tiers. These tiers offer the software to three or five employees and have multiple features to streamline the business.

Larger businesses can consider QuickBooks Online Advanced and all of the Desktop options. These options provide a lot of features and allow for multiple employee accounts.

If you want payroll software for your small business, you should consider other software options. First, it is an add-on purchase that doesn’t come with the QuickBooks software, and it also costs a lot more than some competitor services.

The Wrap-up

What Is The Software? BambooHR

How much does it cost?  Custom pricing


  • Custom pricing to fit each companies needs
  • Intuitive interface
  • Payroll data collection and tracking
  • Performance management tools


  • Video manuals instead of written documenation
Would We Recommend It? We would recommend BambooHR for medium- to large-sized organizations (from 100 employees). Their HR, learning, and talent management needs provide a user-friendly solution based on SharePoint Online/On-Premise.

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