outoftankUnfortunately, not everyone can be the inventor of an exciting product like the Snuggie or the Keurig.

As business owners, there are many products and services that are necessary in the world but aren’t necessarily easy to market. It’s hard to get people excited about buying a new roof or having pesticides sprayed, but marketing is required when you’re trying to spread the word about your business.

If you’re afraid that your business may fall into the ‘boring’ category, these four tips may give you some creative techniques to marketing your business successfully.

  • Think outside of the box. When you’re marketing your own business, despite what outlet or method you choose to use, thinking outside of the box is a requirement. Making your business sound exciting or enjoyable is based on however you feel when you are generating marketing ideas. Speak to the audience; make jokes and pique their interest – think Flo from the Progressive commercials. Anything insurance related can be pretty boring, but Progressive used a person to make their commercials more interesting and whether or not you chose to switch to their brand, you certainly have their advertisements imprinted in your memory.
  • Get personal with your customers. Sending out personalized emails or handwritten letters is another way to creatively market to your audience. With small businesses, it may take more time but it is certainly a little easier than if you work for a large corporation. Cater your emails or letters to the needs of each individual client. If you know a client has three kids or is loaded with college school work, hit those topics and use humor to lighten the mood. A personalized relationship will allow you to market your brand in a way that the potential customer will always remember.
  • Be informal and have fun. For some reason, many consumers think that marketers must be a different species. Some advertisements come off too formal or don’t relate to the client like they are supposed to but remember: you’re a person too. Using jokes to lighten the mood can offer a creative method of advertising, especially when topics can be difficult to market. Imagine being a math teacher. Obviously they have an interest in math because they chose to teach the subject, but the majority of students in their class have absolutely no interest in mathematics. One creative way they can help students become more engaged is by putting math jokes or jokes with numbers on the board every morning. The students still know they have to be present during math class, but at least there is an exciting start to each day.
  • Have no limitations. Well, having some limitations such as avoiding profanity or nudity should be an obvious necessity, but allowing all ideas to flow naturally can help generate great marketing tactics. Do things that are unexpected whether your brand is boring or not. Did you ever see the Kmart commercial about their home shipping options? They went far beyond what anyone had imagined – using the word ‘ship’ in sentences that certainly didn’t sound the way they were intended. “Ship my pants? Right here? I can ship my pants for free!” Regardless of how many pants were actually shipped, they definitely got the attention of the audience – and over 9 million views on YouTube.

If you’re finding that marketing your business is more difficult than it should be, contact us today. We can help you with exclusive marketing tips and techniques that cannot be found anywhere else. Whatever your advertising or marketing needs may be, the solution can certainly be discovered here.