Why Your Video Isn’t Going Viral

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  • To make your video viral it should have an entertainment value like funny, cute and weird and something new to the eyes of the people watching. Also you can promote through social media to increase views.

  • Right on, Brian! Funny, touching, and cute. That’s exactly what I was going for with my most recent viral video experiment. I was able to have articles published about it on Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo Music blog, but I was hoping for more traffic. My strategies were strikingly similar to yours. I’d love any feedback you might have. Thanks! The viral video experiment is here:

  • Deciding to make a “viral video” is like waking up and deciding to go to your basement and make a cancer cure by next Tuesday. A “viral video” is out of your hands because you can’t design the reaction/result. Make your video with focused intent, put it out, see what happens. That’s what you have control over.

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