Using Twitter for a Whisky Sprint

Whisky is an evocative drink that has long inspired poets, authors and many a creative marketer to brilliant initiatives. With its origins traced back to Ireland and Scotland in the 15th century, whisky is now lovingly crafted from all reaches of the world. Hundreds of distilleries with distinct and subtle recipe variations create an intoxicating selection: Scotch, Irish, Canadian Rye, American Bourbon, Japanese, Indian…. and whether the whisky is enjoyed neat, on the rocks, mixed, or with just a wee drap o’ water, it is savoured by millions around the world.

This has produced not only a large assortment of whiskies, but a very largUsing Twitter for WhsikyScorese market intent on imbibing and celebrating the distilled elixir. There is a large international community of whisky experts, enthusiasts and curious who consume a lot more than just whisky — books, paraphernalia, seminars, organized tastings, etc. Online there is a plethora of websites, blogs and forums filled with information, lore and marketing messages. And a new website that is trying to raise the bar (and the glass!) has just launched. joins the fray, but like a new upstart distillery with its own vision, it offers its own distinct recipe. has compiled one of the most complete online whisky databases and provides members with exceptional control over the information. Members can create their own user profile, stock their virtual whisky “cupboard” to keep track of their own inventory, what they’ve drank (sent to the recycle bin), even their own wish list. And, as the name suggests, WhiskyScores allows members to score and record their whisky tasting notes. It’s like a “cloud bartender” that always remembers what you drank, when, and what you liked about it. (Except you don’t have to tip, it’s totally free.)

Why am I blogging about a new whisky website? For one, the PROSAR team assisted in the design, development and launch of and I thought you might well be interested in checking it out. It is no secret (perhaps thanks to Mad Men) that a wee dram (or so) is enjoyed by many of those in the communication field. So if you enjoy whisky or feel you would like to learn more about it and the subtleties of tasting, then this is for you: sprint on twitter_prosar

From a marketing perspective, I felt that that their primary promotional tactic was both interesting and relevant. The website wants to grow organically and expand its services and functionality in an evolutionary fashion. They therefore decided to casually join the online conversation and use Twitter as its main vehicle to find like-minded souls. To kick start the venture, Heid Bummer (that would be “boss man” in the Scottish vernacular) Emmett Hossack has embarked on a virtual sprint across the globe tasting whiskies. As of November 1, Emmett is tasting and scoring a different whisky every day until the end of the year. Each week features a different whisky producing region. A 61-day marathon that could cause the most ardent of athletes to wane, but Emmett is steadfast in his endeavour and is using Twitter to broadcast his daily score. You can get a taste of his Twitter regimen here.

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We are all aware of Twitter’s incredible potential as a mass communication device: the ability to search, interact, be informed and even entertained has made it one of the most widely used communication mediums on the planet. And WhiskyScores is not alone in their desire to tap into this potential. I believe that a factor in their favour is that their intent is honourable. They are driven by a passion for whisky and their desire to learn more and share with others. In essence (and perhaps on a slightly less-grand scale), WhiskyScores is trying to achieve the same thing as Twitter: the ability to search, interact, be informed and even entertained.

There is no recipe for controlling Twitter (however we do offer some tips on creating a Twitter background and a cheat-sheet for image sizing), but providing content of value is fundamental for success with any social media. If you’re interested in whisky, then is definitely a website with value for you. Frequent and engaging activity is a must to get noticed in the Twitterverse and Emmett’s whisky sprint and ongoing dialogue will definitely achieve that. We’ll let you know how they fare – life of the party or on the rocks!

How do you propose a new website like use Twitter?

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