How To Use Twitter Lead Gen Cards To Target Your Ideal Customer

How to use Twitter Lead Gen Cards

Are you having a hard time generating leads from Twitter? Wondering how to make you tweets stand out?

Twitter lead gen cards were rolled out to everyone last August. Have you started using them yet? Do you even know what they are or how to use them?

In today’s post we’ll explain what Twitter lead gen cards are and how you can use them to target your ideal customer and generate leads from Twitter.

What Are Twitter Lead Gen Cards?

As a marketer, your goal is to generate leads and convert them into customers. Twitter lead gen cards were created to help brands drive qualified leads. According to the Twitter advertising blog:

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Twitter Cards let you bring rich experiences and useful tools to users within an expanded Tweet. The Lead Generation Card makes it easy for users to express interest in what your brand offers. Users can easily and securely share their email address with a business without leaving Twitter or having to fill out a cumbersome form. When someone expands your Tweet, they see a description of the offer and a call to action. Their name, @username, and email address are already pre-filled within the Card. The user simply clicks a button to send this information directly (and securely) to you.

Here’s an example of what a Twitter lead generation card looks like courtesy of @iagdotme twitter lead gen card example

How Twitter Lead Gen Cards Can Help Your Business

Twitter lead gen cards can help your business by making the process of generating leads easier than ever before. The technology site Mashable conducted a case study that indicated that businesses who have implemented Twitter lead gen cards successfully have generated thousands of new email clients and saw a dramatic increase in engagement rate in as little as one week.

As an added benefit, Twitter offers analytics to users including:

  • How many leads are being generated by a lead gen card.
  • How much money you’re spending.
  • The cost per lead of the Twitter lead gen card campaigns that you’re running.

How to Setup Your Twitter Lead Gen Cards

1) Setup a Twitter Business Advertising Account

If you don’t yet have an account you can set one up here.

2) Setup lead tracking

How will you track your incoming leads? This step will ensure that you can organize and filter the contact information you are collecting. Twitter offers you 2 choices:

  1. Download your leads directly into a CSV spreadsheet from Twitter Ads.
  2. Setup integration with your CRM (customer relationship management system)

For a complete list of CRM providers that integrate with Twitter lead gen cards or how to setup your own endpoint, click here.

3) Create Your First Twitter Lead Gen Card

  • Go to the Twitter Ads user interface.
  • Select the ‘Cards’ tab under ‘Advertising’.

create a twitter lead gen card

  • Click the ‘Create new card’ button.
  • Add a custom image.
  • Provide a 50 character maximum short description that is compelling.
  • Create a short and actionable call-to-action for your cards button.

Here’s an example of another successful Twitter lead gen card with a consistent call-to-action courtesy of ExactTarget. Twitter Lead Gen example

4) Configure Advanced Settings

To maximize the effectiveness of your Twitter lead generation campaign, you need to complete the following additional steps:

  • Submit the URL Twitter will direct your lead information to if you are using a CRM.
  • Enter your privacy policy URL. Twitter requires that users know what data is being collected and what you plan to do with it.
  • Enter a fallback URL. This is the backup link your users will be sent to if your primary URL fails. Make this your landing page for your offer so you still have a chance to convert.
  • Change the form fields so that they correspond with your CRM or spreadsheet.

Are you excited to add Twitter lead gen cards to your lead generation strategy? We’d love to hear about your success!

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