Twitter’s New Tailored Trends Simplified

Trends are Twitter’s way of helping you discover popular and emerging topics people are talking about within Twitter. They are located on the homepage of your Twitter account and are located on the lower left hand side of the screen.

How often do you check out the tailored trends in Twitter? I bet the answer is not very often. For example, the tailored trends in my Twitter account at this very moment include #TellTheTruthTuesday (sounds x-rated to me), #SignsTheRelationshipisReal and #GirlsLoveItWhen. I often wonder how these all start but then I remember Justin Bieber is the most popular thing on Twitter.

Due to this puzzling algorithm, Twitter has tweaked their system so that you can based trends on your location and who you follow. You can choose from one of 150 global locations including 34 countries and 60 major U.S. cities to show “emerging topics that matter to you,” Twitter announced in a blog post today. Not interested? You can also keep your settings set to the worldwide level. Remember tailored trends will be default so you must adjust your settings to keep seeing worldwide trends.

The new system will roll out today on, iOS and Android operating systems today. Don’t get worried if you don’t see the tailored trends right away as this is a global roll out and it may take some time. Don’t forget, Twitter has over 140 million users now!

How will Twitter’s new Tailored Trends affect you? (Try saying that three times very fast!) If you’re careful about who you follow and what location you pick, you may never see another Lady Gaga or #AsLongAsYouLoveMe meme cross your Twitter stream again. It can also be quite useful if you like to newsjack like me, which is again dependent on who you follow and location you choose.

All in all, Twitter’s new Trending Topics is sort of like the new personalized story recommendations and the discovery tab. Not a big deal but worth messing around with the settings. How do you like it? Did you notice a difference in your trends once you changed the location? Let us know in the comments below!

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