Twitter Tips and Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

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  • You say ‘Add a period or really anything before someone’s Twitter handle so the tweet is public. If you don’t, the only people that can see it will be you and the person you are talking to, plus both your followers. This is no longer true.’

    I don’t know if it’s your description but to clarify this rule has not changed. If you DO NOT put a period (or any character) as the first character in a tweet and immediately followed it with @username then only people who follow BOTH you AND @username will be able to see it in their feed. If you DO put a period (or any character) there (.@username) then it is publicly available to your followers and @username’s followers in their feed regardless of whether they follow both or just one of yo.

    Of course this isn’t a DM – both of these techniques will still mean that the tweet is publicly displayed on your timeline and will be visible if I go to your Twitter page. All the best :-)

  • Thanks for this. Ive used the Twitter search before in the past and found some hungry buyers in one of my niches who were asking questions and looking for reviews. I just redirected them to my site and I got sales.

    John Crooks

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