Twitter Revival: Bringing Back the Conversation

479954_386342111456308_1119701265_nIs it just me? Or do you all notice an overall lack of engagement on Twitter lately?

Personally, I blame the “Retweet” button, but most of you already know that if you’ve followed me.

(Most people don’t notice they’ve been retweeted that way, and/or, don’t thank you. Also, you fill up your timeline with other people’s brand/logo/face.)

So I tweeted out some of my thoughts this morning.

If Twitter is a conversation then each tweet is potentially a conversation starter.—
Bridget Willard (@YouTooCanBeGuru) December 27, 2012

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If you ignore the responses to those tweets (replies, retweets) then you’re ending the conversation.—
Bridget Willard (@YouTooCanBeGuru) December 27, 2012

Tweeting without responding is broadcasting. Does that seem social to you?—
Bridget Willard (@YouTooCanBeGuru) December 27, 2012

If we intend to have a revival of sorts on Twitter to bring it back to a conversational medium then it’s up to me and you.

Draw a circle on the ground and stand in it.

Audit your behavior. What are you doing (or not doing) to promote ideas, discussion, and friendship?

Try new ideas, maybe different software, to engage more.

What are your thoughts? Can it be done or is Twitter relegated to a broadcast medium forever?

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