Tweets Per Day – What is the Optimum Number?

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  • fried ned says:

    @Hermit_Thrush_ tweets about 75 tweets per day.

  • Excellent article! I agree that 5 – 10 is right on the money +/- 2…If you consider the “business day” to be between the hours of 7am – 7pm (with respect to your time zone), then that’s 12 hours. If your goal was to tweet at most every hour on the hour, during the “business day” – then on the low, at end 25% of available time = 3 tweets, 50% = 6 tweets and 100% = 12 tweets.

  • Tommy says:

    Do not agree with yopur staff at all, i send correction my software sends 144 Tweets in a 24 hour period all post unique every 5 minutes to be exact anything less well you may as well not be there. I hope you do not have real humans on the pay roll doing this.

  • Tom Wilon says:

    Accordinng to Don Crowther (, a social media expert who bases his thoughts on quantitative testing, he says that between about 8 and 15 per day is the sweet spot.

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