The Top 7 Ways to Find Old Archived Tweets

With Twitter’s recent rollout of the option to download Tweets all archived the web has gone ablaze.

But other than that there are ways to get back all those old tweets. And we have them here just for you:

1. Twitter Settings

a. Go to your Twitter settings;
b. Scroll down to see if there is a button for “Your Twitter Archive;” and
c. If there is such a button, click on it and Twitter will email you a zip file with your complete archive of Tweets in html form.

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Pretty simple eh?

2. All My Tweets 

This allows you to bring up a list of your last 3,200 tweets

3. Tweet Library

Tweet Library is an advanced Twitter app with archiving, collections, and filters. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and goes for a whopping $4.99

4. Tweet Archivist

This is  a free tweet archive service, structured around searches. First you do a search—using Twitter’s own search syntax (from:yourusername, for example). It will then return a list of matching tweets, along with a slew of analytics (volume, word frequency, and so on). (Your first search will return a maximum of 500 matching tweets.) You can then save that search (which will continue to be updated until you delete it) or share it.

5. Backupify

Backupify lets you back up all of your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Gmail, as well as others. A free account has a limit of 1 GB of storage; if you just want to archive your tweets, at 140 characters each, that should last your lifetime. Paid accounts offer more storage and more frequent backups.

6. Thinkupapp

ThinkUp is a free, open source web application that captures all your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare. The information gets stored on your own server.

7. Tweetkeeper

Tweet Keeper retrieves the most recent 3200 tweets and then adds new tweets to the existing archive. Save your own tweets, and anyone else’s you find of interest, up to eight accounts total. The app goes for $1.99.

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Is there any I missed?

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