The Top 35 “Connectors” on Twitter

A few months ago, I created a list of the 40 most engaging and approachable people on Twitter and since I had so much fun putting it together, I figured it was time for a new list.  With the importance of “Klout” circulating around Twitter lately, I decided to look at an even more important trait than one’s influence – their ability and willingness to connect others.

In addition to being knowledgeable and extremely personable, the following 35 individuals (in no particular order) have the “networking gene” that triggers their ability to bring people together.

  1. Sam Fiorella = @samfiorella
  2. Peggy Fitzpatrick = @PegFitzpatrick
  3. Paul Biedermann = @PaulBiedermann
  4. Bonnie Richards = @BonRichs
  5. Dan Schawbel = @DanSchawbel
  6. Sarah Goodall = @tribalimpact
  7. Glen Gilmore = @GlenGilmore
  8. Chris Abraham = @chrisabraham
  9. Cheryl K. Burgess = @ckburgess
  10. Tom Pick = @TomPick
  11. Steve Farnsworth = @Steveology
  12. Michael Brito = @Britopian
  13. Andrew Hunt = @InboundSales
  14. Tony Zambito = @TonyZambito
  15. Heidi Cohen = @heidicohen
  16. Joe Pulizzi = @juntajoe
  17. Pam Moore = @PamMktgNut
  18. Mack Collier = @MackCollier
  19. Gavin Heaton = @servantofchaos
  20. Kristina Allen = @allenkristina
  21. Neal Schaffer = @NealSchaffer
  22. Lisa Petrilli = @LisaPetrilli
  23. Marjorie Clayman = @MargieClayman
  24. Drew McLellan = @DrewMcLellan
  25. Steve Olenski = @steveolenski
  26. Olivier Blanchard = @thebrandbuilder
  27. Mark Schaefer = @markwschaefer
  28. Janet Fouts = @jfouts
  29. Sharon Hayes = @SharonHayes
  30. Mari Smith = @MariSmith
  31. Jay Baer = @jaybaer
  32. Nick Robinson = @socialrobinson
  33. Chad H. Pollitt = @CPollittIU
  34. John McTigue = @jmctigue
  35. Roman Kniahynyckyj = @kniahynyckyj

It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of the individuals on this list and I thank them all for their support.  In the spirit of #FollowFriday (#FF), I highly encourage you to follow and get to know this fantastic group of people.

Please share the names and Twitter handles of the individuals that have helped you network on Twitter, in the comment section below.

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  • Absolutely honored to be on your list! Thanks for thinking of me.

    • Brian Rice says:

      You are welcome. You bring some much passion and enthusiam to this community that it is impossible for it to go unnoticed.

  • Brian:

    Many people don’t believe what we do (online networking) is work. It is indeed tough work and by you including me on this list it makes all of the hard work worth it. Thanks again for sharing with the world our passion – Marketing :)


    • Brian Rice says:

      You are welcome. I am always amazed at how you and the rest of the gang from Kuno Creative make it look so effortless.

  • Thanks Brian! Great idea for a post! Have a good weekend.

    • Brian Rice says:

      You are welcome. It has been great getting to know you and Chris and see all of the cool things that you are doing at Social Media HQ. Keep up the great work.

  • such an honor, such a privilege, to be included here with these great people because of you. What a way to end my week!!

    • Brian Rice says:

      Well, you started it! You were the first person to put your trust in me and share your amazing posts on this site back when it was B2C Markting Insider. You have done so much to help it grow into what it is today.

  • Brian,

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being included in such an inspiring list; connecting others is a real passion of mine and it’s lovely to know others see my efforts bearing fruit!

    I know most of the people on this list and am genuinely inspired by all they do to help others succeed, each and every day.

    Have a spectacular weekend and thank you, Brian!

    • Brian Rice says:

      Your passion shines through and the work that you have done with #LeadershipChat has truly been inspiring – amazing job!

  • Wow… I am incredibly humbled at being included in a list that features such amazing people and I do not say that lightly, believe me.

    And I would absolutely have you and Michael on my list of people that inspire and influence me for sure.

    All the best my friend,
    Steve O

    • Brian Rice says:

      You are more than welcome. I appreciate you not only participating here on Business 2 Community but for also helping to bring in additional contributors.

  • Jay Baer says:

    Great list!! Thanks so much for including me. It’s an honor to be a part of this outstanding group. If we could get this 35 together IRL, look OUT!! I smell a conference!

  • Thanks for including me, Brian! It has been amazing to watch this site and community grow over the past year. I’m glad to be a part of it, and always pleasantly surprised to be included in lists like this!

  • Hi Brian,

    Thank you ever so kindly for including me on this list. I appreciate everything you’ve done to make Business2Community an informative site – and more importantly – an avenue for people to connect. A trait I see on this list is that we are all humbled and honored and if asked to make such a list we would not have put ourselves on such a list. My way of saying you yourself belong on this list for the work you’ve done in bringing people and great minds together. Thanks for all your hard efforts!


    • Brian Rice says:

      That really means a lot. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and learning from your insightful blog posts.

  • Brian – thanks for putting this list together and for all that you do here at B2C. I’m grateful and honored to be included. I know this is your full time job AFTER your other full time job and we all appreciate your time and efforts.

    • Brian Rice says:

      You are welcome. It has been a ton of hard work but the experience has been so rewarding because it has helped connect me with all of you.

  • Bonnie Richards says:

    WOW Brian! Thank you so much for including me and I echo everyone’s comments here. I love creating connections so to be included in a group like this feels great!

    • Brian Rice says:

      I am fortunate that I get to work with you and have your support connecting me with folks both on and offline – it makes my job so much easier and enjoyable. Brian Rice thinks “You rock!!!!” (inside joke).

  • Brian,

    Humbled and honored to be on both lists: Top 35 “Connectors” on Twitter and 40 Most Approachable Social Media “A-listers” on Twitter.

    What is really amazing is that I know most of the people and consider them best-in-class thought leaders in social media.

    If anyone has the “networking gene”, Brian, it is you.

    Thank You!


    • Brian Rice says:

      It has been great getting to know you and I am so happy that we have been able to talk offline as well. Thanks for being a part of this community.

  • Wow, I was receiving tweets and had no idea what it was about until a couple of people specifically mentioned this. Thank you so much for including me with this awesome group of people.

    You rock!

    • Brian Rice says:

      You are welcome. When I first published the “Top 40 Most Approachable List”, I received dozens of tweets telling me I was a fool for not including you on it. That ultimately resulted in us talking offline and I am still grateful for the time you took to speak with me and the connections you helped me make.

  • Liz says:

    I guess everyone could come up with their own list of important people because I don’t recognize a lot of these names.

    • Brian Rice says:

      I agree, everyone’s list would be different but that is what is great about lists – it introduces you to new people. I would recommend trying to get to know all of these people.

  • Sam Fiorella says:

    Thanks Brian. My motto has always been “Feed Your Community, Not Your Ego”. It’s almost counter-intuitive to marketers, but this principle has improved my life & my business.

  • Denise says:

    awesome list!

  • Honored to be included on this list, Brian, and humbled to be associated with such a fine group of people. Thank you for inviting me to be part of B2C, and let’s do the conference!

  • Wow….thank you. It’s an honor of course to be on this list. I admire the way these 34 people use Twitter to connect, share and create real relationships with other people every day. I’m tickled to hang out with them online and on this list.


  • Thanks this is a great list, some I was following the rest I checked out. I love expanding my world, and especially with relevant, and engaging people. @sarah_harris

  • Robin Vosler says:

    Great list! Thanks for taking the time to compile this. You have just done a great job of connecting, so let’s make you number 36!

  • Jackie Bigford says:

    A super list and many are my Twitter Friends, you must of had a hard time to narrow it down to only 35 … if I may add a few names … @2morrowknight @paul_steele @AnnTran_

  • Wow!! Great list. @_socialexperts

  • Studio C5 says:

    Great list still today! There’s changes that could be made but great for a two year old list!

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