Take Your Twitter Profile from Social to Social Sales

Take Your Twitter Profile from Social to Social Sales image Take Your Twitter Profile from Social to Social Sales

As success with social selling continues to grow, sales professionals will find it crucial to turn to social media as a way of generating leads and reaching their sales goals. The process may seem daunting, but setting up optimized social sales profiles on social networks is actually fairly similar to setting up a social media account for any other purpose. There are just a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind in regards to taking your account from social to social sales. Read on for suggestions that will help you optimize your Twitter account for social selling.

1. Profile Picture

Not adding a profile picture on Twitter can lead other users to view your profile as a spam account, ensuring that you will never reach your full potential of followers. Instead, be sure to add a professional and appropriate-looking photo of yourself. If you have a LinkedIn profile you may want to use the same image to give a vibe of consistency across your social presence. Remember to make sure the photo you choose is appropriately sized as Twitter’s avatars are fairly small and can be hard to see.

2. Bio

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While it is important not to be perceived as too “salesy” on social media, using your bio as a way of describing your job, company, or the products you sell can be a great way to generate potential leads. Be sure to use 2-3 keywords that relate to your field and the products you are selling. This will improve your search rankings, helping you to be found when prospects search for these terms on Twitter.

Remember to fill out each area of your bio. You may only have 160 characters with which to describe yourself and your purpose on Twitter, but you can use the “location” area to appeal to local prospects and include a link that leads followers to more relevant information such as a your company’s website or blog.

3. Content

There is a fine line you need to respect when sharing content on Twitter. Sharing too much information about your company or products may come off as spam to other users, causing them to unfollow you. Instead, make sure that at least 70 percent of the content you are sharing is about general industry trends, news, and other content that your general audience may find interesting. The other 30 percent of y0ur content may have direct relevance to your company and products, but should include Twitter-specific language such as relevant hashtags and dynamic links to more information.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase the number of impressions your posts receive and to get information in front of users who are interested in the topics you are discussing. Make a list of 10-12 hashtags that are relevant to your industry, company, or the products you sell. Using your discretion, include 1-2 of these hashtags in each of your tweets. Make sure the hashtags you choose to include are already receiving traffic used on Twitter by performing a quick search to see how often they are used and if their current use aligns with the definition you assigned them.

5. Interaction

When it comes to Twitter, pushing out information is not enough to generate leads. You also need to be interacting. Retweeting and responding to content in your “Tweets” feed can help you take cold leads to warm leads, which will help increase your sales success. Engaging in interactions will also make your profile more robust, increasing your search rankings and growing your network size.

6. Stop Auto Direct Messaging

It may seem like a good idea to automatically engage with users when they follow you, but Twitter users are becoming increasingly displeased with automated direct messages that have no apparent relevance to their needs. Instead, take a few moments to write a personalized tweet that thanks your new follow and engages them in a sincere and personal way.

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