Something that Young Entrepreneurs Should be Excited About

It is perfectly normal for anyone entering the world of business to constantly question his or her decisions and methods. Really, there is only one way to say it: you will make mistakes, but you will learn from them. When embarking on year one of your business launch, you will be waist-deep in the “trial and error” phase of your growth.

But there is something that young entrepreneurs should be excited about that the older pros never had when they started out—apps. As mobile technology has soared, so too has the app market. Just check the statistics on mobile web users and you will soon see that this is the hub of your market. According to trending, 2014 should see more mobile web users than those on desktops. Advertising, marketing, shopping and spending habits have changed, and there is a great app that will help you get an edge, and inspire your creativity. I am talking about Vine.

Consumers hear it through the Vine

Or rather, they see it. Vine is a Twitter app that was launched last month. It allows users who have an iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch to shoot six seconds of footage and feed it through Twitter and Facebook. We all know a photo is worth a thousand words, but a video simply takes new leaps and bounds. The best part is its ease of use. All one needs to do is point their device, touch the screen, and shoot the video. By embracing Vine and incorporating it into a marketing platform, business owners can capture the attention of potential clients who are more stimulated by animated visual advertising. Furthermore, Vine offers a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to showcase their brand and services in fresh, creative and inspiring ways.

Is 2 seconds shy of a bull ride enough time?

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When one tries to imagine a 6 second microfilm, they may scratch their heads and wonder what can possibly be achieved in such a narrow window. But the trick isn’t in the time limitation. Rather, it is how the business owner incorporates that 6 seconds into the bulk of their marketing efforts. Besides, six seconds offers more time than you think.

How are businesses using Vine?

For starters, social SEO campaigns will get a great facelift. Vine truly stands out as a poster child for today’s business world and it is indicative to how brands and consumers will be communicating with one another as we progress into the future of the business world. Vine will continue to improve SEO. New forms of content can be created to tempt and tease consumer behavior right into the meat of your SEO campaign.

Show the world you mean business

By utilizing this app correctly, young entrepreneurs will be taken more seriously than ever. But here is some advice: you may be tempted to go wild with this app. After all, six seconds can be played with at length and scores of microfilms can surface as a result. But be very selective in the videos you display, as you would with any written portion of your marketing plan. Make sure the videos are creative, thoughtful and enticing.

What roles does Vine fill?

These videos can be used to demonstrate product use, offer customer testimonials, reveal new products, or simply exhibit the spirit of the company. For example, if a company sells products that require installation, six seconds if more than enough time to show a demonstration on how to connect wires or remove bolts. Most people are visual learners, and finding a company that takes the time to provide amazing customer service with current technology will win big points.

Be your self

You should already be patting your self on the back. Establishing a brand and starting a business in today’s downed economy testifies to the fact you are a creative, determined person who is set on success. By embracing app technology like Vine, you will be putting yourself ahead of the competition. You got this far on your own. Be sure to use that same tenacity and drive in your microfilms that you used to establish your self, and you can only continue to advance up the ladder of success.

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