Six Hashtag Tools For Twitter Marketing

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  • Just to clarify, I’d like to point out that what you have written about Hashtracking is not completely accurate. If you are referring to the free Explorer on the home page, you are correct in that only basic data is available. Registered and logged in users, however, are privvy to a great deal more data, including top lists, popularity lists, retweet information, media links and counts, related and coincidental hashtags, complete hashtag transcripts, contributor lists and a whole lot more. This is true for all plans, including free trial plans. Hashtracking doesn’t exist to recommend hashtags for its users however, so perhaps not apples to apples with RiteTag.

  • Not apples with apples, true enough, Ciaran. The thing is, I did log in, and even for ‘hashtracking,’ zero related hashtags. Same with ‘ritetag,’ and of course, I know there are a number of tags related to ritetag. They come up in other tools.

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