Reimagine Your Social Media Marketing by Building Better Hashtags

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  • Nice job with the post, Jamie.

    I’ve seen data specific to B2B stating that over-use of hashtags in any given tweet is detrimental (I wish I could find it, but can’t). The data correlated retweets to number of hashtags used, showing that fewer was better.

    But you don’t really need a study’s data to know that a tweet loaded with hashtags is difficult reading and maybe even perceived as salesy (conjecture alone on the latter point).

  • Thanks, Wesley! It was fun looking into one of the more underdeveloped areas of social media marketing. I’m glad to know that there is some actual data on it. I definitely agree that some Twitter users use hashtags way too much, which is to their own detriment. Like so many other areas of optimizing your web presence, everything is about balance.

  • Hashtags can be relevant to your topic, and help you reach beyond your followers – in fact, #hashtags are powerful on over 45 social networks and even places to sell, like ebay, etsy, and istockphoto. At RiteTag, we call this #SSO: social sharing optimization. And we hope you’ll look at what we have, still in private beta (apply free with Twitter only) – a bootstrapped startup and tool that I founded.

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