#itscooltorepeat, A Twitter Campaign By Priyanka Chopra, Really?

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  • With all due respect.. You need to do your research thoroughly next time maybe before writing or talking about someone I think..
    Priyanka tweeted about it a while back when Ami Patel first came up about it and re-tweeted several tweets of some of her followers supporting it. And then she has tweeted herself of a bag she has repeated and so on. It’s possible that you missed it since you don’t follow her.. but its not fair by her when you write like this :)

  • Yes, I do not follow her but for this article I scanned through her tweets since October and found only this retweet she has done for a tweet by her stylist, Ami Patel. The rest of all tweets are by Ami or the many PC fan clubs:)
    So, one cannot really call it a Twitter campaign by Priyanka.

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