Is Twitter The Social Media Marketing Powerhouse That Can Drive Sales?

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  • 40deuce says:

    First off, thanks so much Matt for sharing our infographic of hashtags used during the Super Bowl.
    Second, I do truly believe that Twitter is a great place for driving sales. It’s not the place to the hard sell, that’s what your website and phone are for, but getting people to that place. I represent our company in the social space and just by talking to people about the industry, their problems, or even anything that interests them has helped me to bring many great leads into our company.
    Twitter is my favourite place to do this relationship building because it allows for a quick and non-evasive back and forth with people. I could be having a conversation with someone right out in public and its not getting in the way of anyone else that is trying to do the same.
    Twitter has been instrumental in helping us with sales, and more and more of our actual sales people are seeing that and getting in on the act as well (in fact, I found this article because one of my sales just shared it).
    I love Twitter and think that if companies can use it right, it will always lead to upping their sales.

    Sheldon, community manager for Marketwired

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