How to Respond to a Twitter Attack

I’ve decided to spice up today’s blog post by posting it as a video!

Within this video you’ll discover the proper ways to respond to a Twitter attack, along with the 3 golden rules that you should never forget!

What you’ll learn within this video:

  • What a Twitter attack in fact is
  • How to detect a Twitter attack
  • When’s the best time to respond to a Twitter attack
  • How you should respond to a Twitter attack
  • The 3 golden rules to always remember
  • A special bonus tip just for you!

So here you have it… How to Respond to a Twitter Attack:

I wanna hear from you!
Have you ever experienced a Twitter attack of your own, or perhaps witnessed one happening to another brand? If so, how did you or they overcome it and what advice would you give to others? Share your comments with me below! 

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  • John Charleston says:

    last night I received a twitter direct message from someone I follow advising me that “someone was saying bad things about me”.. curiousity got the better of me and I tried to open the tiny url.. there was not connection so I quit and left it..
    About an hour later several of my followers asked about the direct message they received from me “someone is saying bad things about you”.. This morning I notice a tweet from me last night about weight loss that connects to a Acai Berry ad.. I never tweeted that or the bad things.. Apparently when I attempted to open the first “bad things” message I opened myself and my followers up to a worm..jc

    • You know John, I received the exact same DM a few weeks back. It seemed a little fishy to me, and as I’m always hesitant to open links Im unsure of, I Googled and Twitter searched my name, finding nothing I reported the message as spam. Im so glad I did, now that you told me about your experience.

      What I suggest for you to do is, first, report the original DM as spam and let the person who sent it to you know that they have been a victim of Twitter spam as well. Then, tweet out a tweet to all of your followers letting them know what happened, apologize for any bad tweets and links that may have come from your account and be sure to @mention twitter on it. Then send a DM or specific tweet out to Twitter to notify them that your account may have been hacked. They will take it seriously and hopefully help you right away.

      It’s such a shame that there are so many spammers on Twitter and Im sorry that this has happened to you and your account. As long as you explain the situation to your followers and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused them – and warn them of the DM going around – your followers will understand and forgive you.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing your experience with me.

      Melissa from

    • Hi John,

      I also forgot to add earlier that you should change your twitter password and double check your twitter authorized apps.

      Melissa from

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