How To Build Connections On Twitter

Business owners are constantly looking for other people that they can talk to about their business. These people want to talk with people of their niche. One of the ways to talk to those people is with Twitter. You can build a connection with anyone with one tweet at a time.

The first thing you need to do is identify who you want to connect with. Which well-known people of your niche do you want to connect with? Create a list of people.

After you create that list of people, it’s time to connect with them. Start by mentioning them and getting into a conversation. You can start by asking them a question about business or remarking on one of the person’s blog posts. They see the mention because it’s emailed to them by Twitter. Some will reply while others won’t.

After you mention some of the people, retweet some of their tweets. Don’t retweet too many times in a row because your timeline will be flooded with retweets. Your followers want to see your tweets instead of other people’s tweets. If you retweet anyone, follow them. Following the other person will make that person feel good.

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Now the people you want to connect with were mentioned and retweeted by you. In addition to that, you are now following them. This is when you have to make a decision. Which people are the most important people for you to connect with? Those are the people who you keep on retweeting and mentioning. In addition to retweeting and mentioning that person, write a comment on their blog. If you write a relevant comment, the person you are trying to connect with might get back to you.

Some people will respond faster than others. Some will take hours to respond while others will take weeks to respond. If anyone takes over a month to respond, chances are they aren’t going to respond. When you get them, build on the connections that you have. Continue mentioning and retweeting that person even when you get them to respond.

When you get them to respond, what happens next? Respond back and keep the conversation alive. The person you are trying to connect with will continue the conversation as well, look at your timeline, and retweet some of your tweets. You will also be able to talk with the person about business more often.

It is possible to build connections with people on Twitter. It does take time, but when you finally build that connection, both you and the other person will be able to give each other suggestions and benefit greatly.

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