Great Tips for a Successful Twitter Marketing Plan

Nowadays, many businesses are using Twitter as a tool for connecting with their customers, building traffic to their sites and expanding their businesses. Here are some tips which will help you succeed in your Twitter marketing plan.

1. Use a few hashtags

Using hashtags can be a very effective way of building traffic and getting new followers. Including such tags in your tweets is also a great way of building credibility in your niche. For instance, if your site is about web design and web hosting, you could use hashtags such as #webhosting and #webdesign in your tweets once in a while.

2. Respond to direct messages and mentions

The best way of getting more shares, followers and traffic is by engaging the people who tweet you, as well as your followers. Therefore, before doing anything else, you need to take time to check and respond to all your direct messages and mentions. People always appreciate it when they some feedback on their messages and tweets. However, if you ignore them, they will lose interest and might simply unfollow you.

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3. Share other people’s content

Most people appreciate having their content shared. Therefore, sharing other people’s content on Twitter can be a great way of getting their attention and initiating conversation. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by sharing a link to someone else’s blog post, and then notifying them using a tag. Alternatively, you could simply retweet other people’s tweets.

Sharing other people’s content also ensures that your followers always have something to read or look at. If your twitter stream is often empty, your followers will get bored and might decide to unfollow you. Take time to look for relevant and useful content which your followers would find interesting. This will give them a reason to keep returning. There are several free apps which you can use to schedule tweets to get posted automatically, even if you are not online.

4. Share your own content

As you share other people’s content, don’t forget to promote your own content. However, don’t make the mistake of always tweeting about your products or services. This might only end up overwhelming your followers. Out of 10 tweets, not more than 3 should have a direct sales message. When sharing outrightly promotional messages, it would be advisable to use hashtags. This will make it easier for you to get the message to new people.

5. Unfollow inactive users

If you have been following an individual who hardly ever tweets or shares anything with others, it would be advisable to unfollow. Such people are simply not adding any value to your Twitter marketing plan. is a great tool which can help you find out who is active and who isn’t.

6. Follow active and relevant users

To be effective in your Twitter marketing strategy, you need to follow people who are relevant and active. Tools such as can be very useful for finding such people. Alternatively, you could look for popular tweeters and find out who is following them. Have a weekly goal of following several new interesting people. Connecting with a few new people regularly can have a positive impact on your Twitter marketing plan. For instance, if you follow only 20 new people per week, it means you will have at least 80 new connections per month. This can make a major impact on your business and site.

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